Friday, November 28, 2008

"akad nikah"

today is a special and a memorial day for my ex-schoolmate,
who is also my friend and my far relative.. (bau-bau bacang)

he is, Mohd Khalil Adzhari..
we started studied together since in lower secondary school, SMKAA..
then, we went to technique school..
and we become best friend since that time..

today, after Maghrib prayer, he will be officially wedded (akad nikah)
by the 'Tok Kadi'.
n after that he is officially become someone's husband..
his future wife's name is Siti (not her fullname)

Khalil & Siti
Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu,
n ke akhir hayat

i'm quite sad bcoz i cannot attend the special event..
i have exam tomorrow morning..

but, at his 'walimatul urus', tomorrow,
i'll go with munirah n my brother.
i'll upload the pictures of the ceremony later..

P/S : i still dunno when is "my day".. need to save some money first..
n need to have steady job n place to stay..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

a special day

27th November
it is a special day for several person..

and that includes my friend, Mohd Irwan Abdul Halik.
i would like to take this opportunity to wish

"Semoga panjang umur & Dimurahkan rezeki"
n may God bless u always...

n to other person who also celebrate his/her birthday today...
i oso would like to wish u all a happy cheerish birthday..

P/S : to my hometown friend, Mohd Shamir Shamsi Md Lazim, happy birthday oso.. (itupun klau dia baca..)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new look..

i've changed my blog's background..
just the background colour but it effects the whole blog..

the reason of my modification is bcoz
i've noticed that some of my blog's viewers said
the background is too eye soring..

i dont have problem with that statement..
i oso sumtimes felt the same as they were..

my migraine is also the cause for the alteration..
the whole day i've headache..
n when i open my blog, it make me feel very annoying..
so, i decided to change the color..

before the modification

after some advice from the hustler,
n few times of do it urself testing..
i managed to produce the new background..

so, no more eye sickness k.. hehehehe..

my bad day..

i'm dizzling n in pain since last nite..
i think it is cause by migraine..
it's effect all i'd done today..

i'm quite sad n unsatisfied..
i cannot give my best in answering today's exam.
i cannot concentrate at all..
the pain cost me a big mess in my head..

since early morning,
as i woke up for some revision,
out of 100%, only 50-60% managed to be revised..
others were strangled together with the pain..

during the exam,
wut i'd answered maybe just partly correct
n the others were mixed up..
n wut i'd revised might be useless..

now, wut can i do is
just hope for the best result..
at least enough to pass
n dont have to repeat the paper..

p/s : i'm still feeling the headache rite now..

Monday, November 24, 2008


am i ready?........ not really..
can i do it? ......... I'll do my best..
nervous? ........... yes, 4 sure..

those at the above are what i'm thinking rite now..

today, i will seat for the exam's 1st subject..
material selection and adaptation

hope i can answer the questions.. ~amiinnnn....~

to all friends that oso have exam today,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

friends of mine

today i'm just want to introduce few new bloggers...
they might not be active bloggers, but they are bloggers...

they are friends of mine...
and share the same interest as mine..
which is BADMINTON..

and they are part of members in my badminton team..
they are..

1. shafeeq a.k.a bonddegreat

2. ili nawwar a.k.a ili ahaks

3. nadia a.k.a nad

P/S : this blog has been reconstructed.. check it urself..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

wet or dry?

wut do u prefer? wet kitchen or dry kitchen??
for some purposes, both are important,
but it just 4 those who really can afford to have both..

there are few pics on kitchens which was taken by myself..
it was taken at an apartment situated in KL
which i cannot mention the name either in this n3 or other entries..

place : sumone's apartment
(cannot mention name)

theme : kitchen

this is the dry kitchen.

above : u can see the fridge, washing bowl to wash ur hand and a corner for some tea..

below : u can also have the microwave to heat up ur food..

meanwhile for the wet kitchen, it is normally situated at the back of the dry kitchen.
u can make all the heavier tasks such as
washing dishes, cooking, and washing clothes.
this is o prevent the smell to get into the main area of the house..

this is just a piece of my experience which i want to share with all of u..
if u dont like it, just ignore it.. i dont mind.. hehehe..

when it comes to privacy

there is just no other perfect place to get privacy..

place : sumone's washroom
(name must be excluded)

theme : privacy

behind the door..

time to take a bath

behind the same door

this is the perfect spot..
at the corner or in front of the mirror

did all of u agree, it is the perfect place to get privacy?



hall of luxury

ok, this time i would like to share a bit about hall..

the pics was taken on different angle and view..
i'm just a beginner, so sorry for the low quality..

place : sumone's apartment
(cannot mention name)
theme : hall

this is the dining hall.. do u really need a TV?

high from the stairs.. two guess rooms

from the other angle behind the mirror..

the main guess room complete with TV set..

the TV set for main guess room

so, wut do u think? is it affordable?
if u want it, work hard n harder..
mybe there'll be a chance.


Friday, November 21, 2008

my little cupboard

i think, everyone have their own closet..
or else, where do u want to put all ur clothes?

some of u might have problems..
where to put all the clothes if there's too much clothes?

in this n3, there are two solutions,

first, get rid of all unnecessary..
either u throw all ur old clothes, (dont be too cruel)
or u can donate to the poor citizens.. (be a good citizen)

second way is for those who still want the clothes in their closet..
the way is to make a bigger closet.. with lots of compartments..
below is the example..

places : sumone's bedroom
(name cannot be mentioned)
theme : perso
nal stuff

put all the accessories, u/wears, towels.. etc.. etc..

hang all the clothes.. etc.. etc...

u can also nicely arrange the shirts.. etc.. etc..

so have u decide what to do with the clothes?
wut ever you do, manage ur life wisely..

till my next n3.. daaa~


a day of leisure

last Wednesday i borrowed her 'baby'... (nothing to do with human)
reason?? just to share pieces of my personal touch..
hahaha.. is it a masterpiece?? have a look..

in this n3, i've nothing much to show,
just few pictures of my kazen.. (model of the day)

model's name : Akmal Saufi M.K.
place : sumone's apartment
(cannot mention name)
theme : leisure

3 places in a time

be yourself

time to race safely

well, that's 4 now..
Insyaallah, there will be some more in my next n3...

p/s : this is just a piece of touch from a beginner


Thursday, November 20, 2008

twist yourself...

would u mind twisting ur mind or tongue??
or it might be both
this n3 will help you..

let's try..

1. If you understand, say "understand". If you don't understand, say "don't understand". But if you understand and say "don't understand".How do I understand that you understand? Understand!

2. I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

3. Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.

4. A sailor went to sea to see, what he could see. And all he could see was sea, sea, sea.

5. Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People

6. If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

7. I thought a thought.But the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought. If the thought I thought I thought had been the thought I thought, I wouldn't have thought so much.

8. Once a fellow met a fellow In a field of beans. Said a fellow to a fellow, "If a fellow asks a fellow, Can a fellow tell a fellow What a fellow means?"

9. Mr Inside went over to see Mr Outside. Mr Inside stood outside and called to MrOutside inside. Mr Outside answered Mr Inside from inside and Told Mr Inside to come inside. Mr Inside said "NO", and told Mr Outside to come outside. MrOutside and Mr Inside argued from inside and outside about going outside or coming inside. Finally, Mr Outside coaxed Mr Inside to come inside, then both Mr Outside and Mr Inside went outside to the riverside.


11. The owner of the inside inn was inside his inside inn with his inside outside his inside inn.

12. If one doctor doctors another doctor does the doctor who doctors the doctor doctor the doctor the way the doctor he is doctoring doctors? Or does the doctor doctor the way the doctor who doctors doctors?

"When a doctor falls ill another doctor doctor's the doctor. Does the doctor doctoring the doctor doctor the doctor in his own way or does the doctor doctoring the doctor doctors the doctor in the doctor's way"

13. We surely shall see the sun shine shortly. Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not. watch? Whether the weather is hot. Whether the weather is cold. Whether the weather is either or not. It is whether we like it or not.

14. Nine nice night nurses nursing nicely.

15. A flea and a fly in a flue Said the fly "Oh what should we do" Said the flea" Let us fly Said the fly"Let us flee" So they flew through a flaw in the flue

16. If you tell Tom to tell a tongue-twister his tongue will be twisted as tongue-twister twists tongues.

17. Mr. See owned a saw.And Mr. Soar owned a seesaw. Now See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw Before Soar saw See, Which made Soar sore.Had Soar seen See's saw Before See sawed Soar's seesaw, See's saw would not have sawed Soar's seesaw. So See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.But it was sad to see Soar so sore Just because See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw.

have fun? twisted already? hehehe.. just want to share the fun with u all..
u can have more.. -here-

p/s : this n3 must be given full credit to

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

exam schedule

this exam schedule is specifically for B. Ed. TESL 07(D)
and some of the subjects might be the same as taken by other TESL 07's groups..
so, hope this will help you to remind urselves about ur exam..

material selection and adaptation
24 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Blue Hall (PKP)

teaching of reading
25 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Blue Hall (PKP)

ESL testing and evaluation
26 November 2008 - 9.00am
Main Hall

educational administration
29 November 2008 - 9.00am
Main Hall

teaching of ESP
30 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Main Hall

educational research methodology
5 December 2008 - 2.30pm
Main Hall

to all UNISEL's students..
i would like to wish

p/s : some of the subjects name might be incorrect.. make sure you check the exam slip..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

happy but not so happy..

it is ok to feel happy..
sometimes, even when u r happy, u oso can feel unhappy..

it happened to me today..

i'm very happy that my favourite football team,
Manchester United,
won the EPL match between Stoke City with 5-0 scores..
and at the same time the rival team, Arsenal, lost 0-2 to Aston Villa..


i oso felt sad n guilty..
i felt sad bcoz there's someone that get angry with me..
n i felt guilty because the reason of the person's anger is me myself..

just what i can say, i'm so sorry..
it's not my intention to make u angry..

this poem is just 4 u my love..
hope it might cool u dowm..
love n miss u so much..

Sorry even there is a glory
Sorry, for making you worry
Sorry, I'm so sorry

Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry if I disappointed you
Sorry if I hurt you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for everything

Friday, November 7, 2008

Satay Hut

Have u ever eaten a satay which the size is bigger than ur finger?
there is a place where u can find that kind of satay..
the place call Satay Hut.. situated at Tanjung Karang, Selangor.

the price of the satay RM1.10 each. it sound expensive, but when i look at the size n eat it,
u'll see the worth of it..

as an example, a friend of mine (Kud) can eat 50 sticks of normal size satay..
but when it come to this big satay, he only manage to eat 16 sticks.
he said he had enough..

i also could not eat more then 10 sticks..
i managed to eat 7 sticks only.
but maybe it is because i had some other meal as well..

fried rice.. that's my other meal..
it was a tasteless fried rice..
i think my cooking is better than this..

erm.. and as usual, my drink of that day,

Iced Milo and Sky Juice..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outstanding Fees? Wut happen?

Once again a lot of problems occur in the Unisel financial and management system..
n again for the many times(after 3years), my financial statement for the fees payment have outstanding payments.. in other word, "hutang". @marah this really make me angry..

stupid campaign.. i'd already paid but still have problems

The first problem that i'd to get through is the management.. this problem might be noticed every semester.. the students must come early to make a queue in order to make the payment. sometimes there are problem in online system. wut a mess..

parents also need to take action. and still must queue up.

Can u see the contra between both notices? Look stupid don't they?

Eventhough there is a numeric queuing system, but it was not being used. the management says that they cannot coperate to have to some students taking numbers for their friends. wut a lame excuse. 'klau dah malas tu ckp je la'

there is a sign but there was no machine.. why?

The other reason related to the management is the counter open was limited.. and the staffs are to slow in doing their job. "lembab". i dunno what were their qualification, but i seems like they dunno how to make the calculation.. and i think, for the same reason, it effect my financial statement.

For the record, each semester i'd paid all the fees accordingly to the correct amount. and at the same time also, my PTPTN loan were already being cut for this semester's fees .. :thumbsup:
and last semester's statement shown that i'd paid more than enough.."tlebih byar''.. @adil

But yesterday, wut made me really shocked and unsatisfied was, the latest statement shown that i've outstanding fees more than rm1000++.. WTF is that? seriously, wut r u guys doing with all the money? My PTPTN already cut, it shud be settled.. so wut happened? sumone from the financial department, answer me..(ada ke diorg nk baca??) @sederhana

That is not the end of the problem. after i got the statement (at he main hall), i asked the incharge person about the problem.. she is a lady, younger than me.. (baru keje kot) she then told me to come n see here tomorrow (hari ni la, pg td) at the Bursar's office at counter 4 (pej kewangan).

And this morning, as promised i went to see her in the office. and guess wut happen? the office are closed.. the staffs are all in the main hall(sesi pmbyaran n pngguhan bayaran). eee... SHIT.
this really make me annoyed.. u dont have to promise or set an appointment if u knew dat u'll not be in the office.. stupidity is everywhere.. @marah

OK fine, because i've already in UNISEL, so i went to the main hall.. just want to have the explanation why i have an outstanding fees.. n i want the clearance slip to take my last semester's exam result.. but once again i was dissaponted.. i met the same lady, n wut do u think she spoke to me? in Malay k.

lady : Bleh bg no matrik.. (aku pn xtau nape dia mnta no matrik aku)

me : ok. @$#%^&@^%#%&&
(anggap je la aku dah bg)

lady : awk nk apa ni? (masa ni aku dah hangin)

me : smlm sy dah dtg, awk ckp suh jmpa kt ofice psal statement ni.
(bleh sabar lg kot)

lady : oh, ye ke.. sorry la ye, kami xtau plak harini org rmai. tp skang xleh la.. kami sbuk skit.
org rmai sgt.. klau nk kira2 ni lmbat la.. bleh dtg mggu dpn x?

me : (senyap seketika, hati dah membara ni) @marah

lady : mnta maaf ye, kami sbuk skit.. slip exam dah amik blum?
(slip exam dah amek dah) klau dah amek, awk dtg mggu dpn bwa statement ni..

me : (dah mlas nk ckp bnyk) huh.. ok lah.. (n then trus blah)

At that time, i just hold myself to the ground.. i dont want to make a riot in front of hundreds of students.. i dont want to make myself too famous.. @sederhana but deep in my heart, i was really angry and dissapointed. i came from my house just to waste my time.. DAMN!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Friendship brought all of us together..

this n3 might be a lil' bit late..
but i would like to share the joy of my class event last Friday..
not all classmates were invited..
some of them supposed to have other commitment to do..

Special card to all classmates.. given by SRILITE CORP. (me n my fellow housemates)
Credited to ilyas 4 the nice drawing, usin 4 the outline n me 4 other decoration part. hehehe...

however even it's not full participation, but it is still a memorable event..
it can officially remembered as
'open house-Hari Raya & Deepavali TESL 07(D)'..
or can also be said as, " 'Friendship brought all of us together' Day "..
(i just made it up actually)

there are a lot of foods brought n bought by everyone..
some were self cook n some were specially ordered 4 the occasion..
on behalf of all the classmates, i would like to thanks all of u who had attended
and give full participation..

nasi lemak n sandwiches are some of the menu..

more foods to be eaten..

various kind of drinks

all the guests' autographs..

maybe there will be another event in the future,
n maybe once again ur help n participation might be wanted..
below are some of the pictures taken..

p/s : pictures in this n3 might be limited..
if any of u want more, give me ur pendrive..