Friday, November 21, 2008

a day of leisure

last Wednesday i borrowed her 'baby'... (nothing to do with human)
reason?? just to share pieces of my personal touch..
hahaha.. is it a masterpiece?? have a look..

in this n3, i've nothing much to show,
just few pictures of my kazen.. (model of the day)

model's name : Akmal Saufi M.K.
place : sumone's apartment
(cannot mention name)
theme : leisure

3 places in a time

be yourself

time to race safely

well, that's 4 now..
Insyaallah, there will be some more in my next n3...

p/s : this is just a piece of touch from a beginner



Munirah Abd said...

saya tau rumah sapa..
rumahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh D....

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

haishhhh.. siapa pemilik rumah sila rahsiakn k.. atas sbb2 tertentu k.. xpsal2 kna saman nnt..

SYIRA said...

hehe.. saya rase pon saya tau kot umah sape nih.. ahaks :b

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

the pics dlm n3 ni xde plak org nk ckp took from google kn? hehehe.. mybe sbb ada kazen i kot.. so stiap gmbar pasni kna ada model la ek?

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