Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It - MJ's last gift for fans

Last nite i went to watch MJ's documentary movie..
It is a must show for all MJ's fans..
U can feel like u r part of fans in a live concert.

MJ was really a magnificent artist..
he knew what he is doing and what to do next.
there are moment that u can see the perfectionist of his career as King of Pop..
he really understand the music, the lyrics n most important thing, he understand about others..

in other word, he was a down to earth person..
'thank you' n 'God bless you' were his favourite appraisal speech..
there isn't one single shot in the show that u can see he rose his voice to his dancers or crews.
he spoke gently and make everyone comfortable to work with him.

world lost a legend.. a legend in musical industry..
he was a person who can create songs and choreographs his own dance..
he can blend in with the songs as part of his life..
it was a magnificent moment to see his work..
all of his works are masterpiece of all time..

p/s: for those who dont watch this movie yet, visit your nearest cinema n feel it yourself..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wedding photo package

hi guys, it has been a while..
so lazy to update..

today i'm promoting a wedding photography package..
no, im not the photographer.. mybe not yet.. one day mybe.. hehehe..

im just helping to promote a few packages which have been set up by two photographers..
both of them are Munirah n Razif..
their group is known as
below are the packages they are offering to you..

p/s: it is not just for wedding.. you can also call them if you want to make a party, engagement day and etc.. contact them for more details..