Friday, December 26, 2008

astalavista... n here i come..

Goodbye hometown..
today i'm going back to Klang Valley.. (KL-S.Alam-Banting-Unisel)

my holidays is almost ended.
next month, a.k.a next year, January 2009,
i'm going to start my new n final sem (before practicum)

and accompanying me today is my friend,

a.k.a my neighbour, a.k.a my badminton partner,
Maizan Abd Majid (Jan)

(jan, xpe kn letak gambar hg dlm ni? hehe..)

erm..the reason why i'm going back a week early is
to go to two wedding ceremony.. (tanya la si dia nk g kenduri sapa)
it's been planned since before my holiday..

n the reason Jan is following me is not just to accompany me,
but 'sambil menyelam minum air'..
in other words 'to kill two birds with one stone'.. hehehe.. (temu......)

p/s : arini kite blaja peribahasa.. both have almost the same meaning

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

what a great experience..

in my previous post, i did tell u that i'm going to compete in a badminton tournament..
so, the day has past.. 23rd December 2008..

it was a short journey.. our pair(me n jan) were defeated in the first round again chinese pair..
i dunno y, but it seems that everything that we did on the court dont go well..

services, drop shots n smashes were not good enough..
maybe the anxiety was our main problem.. (darah gemuruh)
so, nothing much can be done..
but we did play for the best as we can...

we did give some big fight for the opponent pair even we're losing..
the game ended in a straight set matches..
the points were 21-18 and 21-7

second set was not a good game.. too many unforce errors..
quite dissapointed with our performance.. but we still enjoy the game..

maybe we'll try to compete again next year..
n hope to perform better..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the time has come..

to all UNISEL's students..
result has been released.. all the best with ur result k..


p/s : 'lega rasa bila dah tau result.. Alhamdulillah smua ok..'

Sunday, December 21, 2008


after so many years, i'm now reunite with my old badminton partner..
since our last debut during school time, we're going to be double partner again..
in a badminton tournament this 23rd December 2008..

'kikikik.. gambar masa zaman sekolah.. beza x?'

we're playing in 'Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup Perlis 2008'..
we're participating in the men's double novis category..
this category is 4 those who are not a state player or never become a champion yet..
(kami X hebat so kna la msuk novis)

it is just to get some experience and enjoy the sport that we really love,
we decided to join the tournament..

at the same time, the schedule also suite me so well...
as i'm now still in holidays..
so, this is the rite moment to make a comeback.. hehehe...

other than me, my other badminton teammates also participating..

there are one pair in the same category, men's double novis; hilmy/syam,
n two pairs in women's double category; ita/kak ayu n kak farah/kak ani

we dont excpect to win.. but we'll try to give a big fight.. insyaallah..
'lawan tetap lawan'

Saturday, December 20, 2008

relax my mind..

nice place? relaxing??

this is where most of my daily activity were spent..
it is a very peace place and cool breath air whispering n blowing ur mind away..
n the environment help to relax n clear my mind..
clear from boring and stress..

wut did i do? this is my activity yesterday..

yes.. fishing...

n this is the fishes which have been caught..

almost 20 fishes were caught yesterday...

so, other than relaxing, i also enjoying the day of fishing..

p/s : topi lupa bawa, so kopiah tu pn jd la.. berkat kopiah gk kot dpt bnyk ikan..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

my messy house

My house was in a messy condition today..
All the furniture were all over the place..
The guest hall, family hall, n dining room were not organized..

Want to know y?

This is the reason..
Yup… Pest kill…

Haaaa.. it was their responsibility of all the mess..

the pest kill workers were doing their job..
Putting the pesticide to kill the termite n any other insects in my house area..

It took nearly the whole day to finish their job..

I’m so tired..
Not tired bcoz i'm helping, but tired of looking at all the unfinished work..
Hehehe… (penat mata memandang, penat lg bahu yg memikul)..

However, thanks to them, now, my house is free from pesticide..

p/s : u shud check ur house.. make sure it is free from the pesticide.. espcially termites..

'boleh roboh rumah'

i was born in a year of 'mouse'... 1984

According to Chinese calendar, 1984(my birthday)
it was specified as a year of mouse.. 'tahun tikus'

but it doesn't mean that i'm a mouse..

as a human being, lot of people don't like mouse..
but to a scientist, mouse is very special living creatures.. lab mouse

but do i like mouse?

yes i like..

i like to kill mouse.. am i cruel??

u just think 4 a while, the mouse ate anything that it thought could be eaten..
not just food, but things like soap, flour n etc..
so wut can be done???

so, let us kill all the mice.. i'm a mice hunter in my house..

p/s : bukan tikus je aku tangkap.. musang n ular pn aku pernah tangkap.. dgn bantuan angah(adik laki aku)..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my activities..

hi bloggers..
after the semester break..
this is the latest update which i've posted..

as i mention b4, i've some problems with the PC n internet connection..
but finally, it have been solved...

now, i just want to share with u one of the acitivities during 'Raya Haji'..
my family did some Qurban..

it is part of annual activity for our family..

below are some pictures of the Qurban's day..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

no update..

i'm sorry, i cannot make an update in my blog..
i've some problem in surfin internet..

my PC at my house are infected n cannot be used..
this time, i take some time to use my uncle's PC..

if i've the chances, i'll try to post new n3 later..
have a nice dat to all readers..

c ya.. bye...

Saturday, December 6, 2008


yes!!! finally the semester break has started..
and today, i'll go back to my hometown... PERLIS..

but before that, i'll follow Usin to Klang...(send his car to his aunty's house)..
then he'll accompanying me in the long journey..
i'll drop him at his house in Sungai Petani, Kedah..

it will be a 7hours driving journey..
long n exhausted journey..
Usin n me will take turn in driving..
i'll start from kl, n then somewhere along the way, usin will take the wheel till SP..
n i'll continue driving till reach my house...

but before we start our journey,
we have to stop at Cheras,
to fetch my sister who will also follow me home..
she is staying at my aunty's house during the holidays..

not to forget, along the way,
we also need to drop Ilyas at KTM Serdang..
he is going to Beranang, which is his house..

so, today, it will be another tiring day 4 me..
but i'm eager to go back home..

Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm so tired but it finally end...

my mind is so tired..
not enough rest, yet so many to think..

however, this afternoon was the end of it..
no more stay up.. no more thinking..
it is time 4 some rest.. time 4 holidays..

to all UNiSEL's students, especially TESLian,
wish u all, happy holidays..
njoy ur days with ur family n loved ones...

see u all next semester.. n all the best with ur result...


Thursday, December 4, 2008

it's my kazen's

happy birthday to Akmal Saufi..

he is the 2nd eldest kazen (1st is me) of my mom's side..

he is turning 21st today..
so, may this year better from b4
n hopefully next year is even better than this year..

Semoga panjang umur dan dmurahkn rezeki

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


this n3 is for my 'crazy in love' room mate.. a.k.a classmate

'ilyas dimandikan dgn campuran beracun'

happy birthday my fren
'dah btmbah tua lg 1thn'

'semoga panjang umur n dmurahkn rezeki'

p/s : cukup2 la berangan n bklakuan childish.. umur dah mningkat.. @siul

wedding pictures...

last saturday as i'd told all of u,
i went to my friend's wedding...

here are some pictures of his wedding..
enjoy them..

the bride n bridegroom : Khalil n Siti

Khalil's grandfather - 'merenjis'

newly wed : Siti's brother n his wife

newly wed : Siti's sister n her husband

me n the newly wed.. "amek berkat"