Thursday, December 18, 2008

my messy house

My house was in a messy condition today..
All the furniture were all over the place..
The guest hall, family hall, n dining room were not organized..

Want to know y?

This is the reason..
Yup… Pest kill…

Haaaa.. it was their responsibility of all the mess..

the pest kill workers were doing their job..
Putting the pesticide to kill the termite n any other insects in my house area..

It took nearly the whole day to finish their job..

I’m so tired..
Not tired bcoz i'm helping, but tired of looking at all the unfinished work..
Hehehe… (penat mata memandang, penat lg bahu yg memikul)..

However, thanks to them, now, my house is free from pesticide..

p/s : u shud check ur house.. make sure it is free from the pesticide.. espcially termites..

'boleh roboh rumah'


Munirah Abd said...

hiksss...napa u xtlg sekali buat keje2x tu..hehehe

comot (ngah bosan) said...

haaa... sal ko x panggil org blk sebelah je nep? die mmg makan tikus.. org blk aku pon makan tikus gak.. die bele kat dlm blk.. itu pasal la ko slalu nampak plastik makanan besepah dlm blk aku.. bukan die yg makan, tikus tu yg bedal sume makanan die.. disebabkan tikus, mamat 2.. xpnah kenyang.. plus, sebab tu aku rase die "TAK BOLEH MAKAN NASI" sebab die tau, kalo die beli nasi, tikus tu bedal.. sebab makanan kegemaran encik tikus adalah.. ye.. tepat skali.. NASI! lalalalalaa.. sebab.. sebab.. adoi.. sebab aku bosan.. XD

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

@conmot : org bilik sblah?? erm..diorg bela tikus bkn bnuh tikus.. hehehe.. cuti buat pe wei??

@munirah : bkn xnk tlg, pt xtau nk buat pe pn.. tlg tgk bleh la.. hehehe..

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