Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manchester United in Malaysia

Manchester United Asia Tour.
Finally, they will come to Malaysia..
and the venue, date n time has been set.

Insyaallah i will not miss this opportunity..
i've waited so long for this moment.
last time the tour has been canceled.
nk p Old Trafford xtau bila, so dpt tgk live kt Malaysia pn alhamdulillah.

so, c u there to all Manchester United fans..
for more info and privilege, join

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Garden

as i mentioned b4, im bz preparing my pupils 4 choral speaking.
below are some story about it..


Event :

Choral Speaking Competition Kuala Selangor District 2009

Date :
21st of April 2009 (1st day)

Venue :
Sek Keb Bandar Baru Kuala Selangor

Time :

9.00 a.m

Participants :

1. Sek Keb Bandar Baru Kuala Selangor

'Happy Garden'

2. Sek Keb Tanjung Keramat
(don't have permission to show video)


the SKBBKS' pupils are trying their best to compete
with 4 more schools which will present on the 22nd of April 2009 at other venue.
Result will be announced on Friday.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i'm now quite bz..
everyday came back home late from school.


1. in charge in choral speaking training since last 2 weeks. (competition - 22nd April 2008)

2. just finished counseling room's project. (Friday, 10th April 2009)

3. prepare test paper for monthly test - April. (already submitted on 15th April 2009)

4. new school project. re-decorating music room. (in progress - just started 15th April 2009)

5. next project waiting. (English Corner enhancement)

p/s : pictures of the finished project (counseling room) will be upload in other n3.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

school project...

Previous n3 i've shown the pre stage of decorating the counseling room.

now this is the post stage.. (still in progress...)

this is the entrance..

this wall is along the corridor...

these two wall with brown scroll are to write
and the 'SCHOOL MOTTO'.

i'll show u the progress in next n3.. it is not done yet..
i'm quite bz now with the project n wit other projects waiting..
it will takes time to update the blog..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today will be her 1st day working in a new environment..
started from 1st April, she is no longer working at D Bhd.

even though she is changing her workplace, but her expertise is still the same..
she is still working as a software engineer.
her new company is Tech... Sdn. Bhd.(xbrani nk bg fullname)
situated somewhere in KL. hehe..

a message to Muniiera,

with the new environment my dear,
enjoy ur work n make lots of friends
may this opportunity will become the key to ur success
and oso key to our future.. (kumpul duit)

i'll be supporting u like always..
i'll be there 4 u.. Insyaallah..

Love n miss u so much..