Sunday, July 25, 2010

sweet thoughts on your special day

Sweet thoughts, sweet thoughts!

No wonder coz it’s your birthday!

I could buy you a thousand bouquets of flower
But it’ll wither anyway…

I could buy you countless boxes of chocolates
But that would only make you fat…

I could buy all the expensive gifts
But those are only saying coz
I don’t have the money anyway…

And there and then, I thought of something good
As symbol of overflowing thoughts, care and passion for you
Especially on your birthday

I know it’ll stay
In your mind and heart

:love2::love2:I LOVE YOU MUNIRAH

semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki

p/s: made this special postcard just for you
(click the postcard for larger image)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

7 Years it has been

Just for you, Munirah

First year is a process
process of making progress
to know each other
and make our relationship last forever

Second year is to seed
all the love we need
to make us happier
forever ever after

Third year is to grow
to make our love stronger
as we are far away
loving from a longer distance

Fourth year is to believe

to believe in our love
distance is no longer matter
as long as we have each other

Fifth years is to trust
in each other pure heart
thus make us stronger
and our love become prosper.

Sixth years is to value
the long path we pass through
to love and be loved
by a special person as you

Seventh years now has been
there are much more can be seen
as we will always be together
forever and ever as a lover.

You Are
You are my happiness when I am sad,
You are my sanity when I am mad,
You are my kindness when I am mean,
And yet never a draw back when I am keen,
You are my everything, my darling dear,

Love and miss you so much my dear..
thanks for everything..

Lots of love,
Hanif Nasir