Sunday, July 25, 2010

sweet thoughts on your special day

Sweet thoughts, sweet thoughts!

No wonder coz it’s your birthday!

I could buy you a thousand bouquets of flower
But it’ll wither anyway…

I could buy you countless boxes of chocolates
But that would only make you fat…

I could buy all the expensive gifts
But those are only saying coz
I don’t have the money anyway…

And there and then, I thought of something good
As symbol of overflowing thoughts, care and passion for you
Especially on your birthday

I know it’ll stay
In your mind and heart

:love2::love2:I LOVE YOU MUNIRAH

semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki

p/s: made this special postcard just for you
(click the postcard for larger image)


Munirah Abd said...

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu soo much.. love u

syira said...

happy birthday munnie~ =)

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