Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysia Independence Day

To all Malaysians, 

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan yg ke-53

P/S: is Malaysia really a free country??? renung2kan...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

A warm welcome to Ramadhan Al-Mubarrak
the month of fasting to all Muslims.
It is the ninth month in Islamic calendar, Hijri.(Hijrah)

Fasting is in which participating Muslims refrain from eating,
drinking and sexual activities from dawn until sunset.

Fasting is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility and spirituality.

During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and
help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through 
self-restraint and good deeds.

To my family, friends and all Muslims, wish u all 'Selamat Berpuasa'.
May this fasting month go on smoothly with Allah bless..

                        Doa Berbuka Puasa