Saturday, May 31, 2008

too long story

Last two weeks
it was a fortnight ago.. i went to my MakNgah's house at Jalan Duta..
actually she was hospitalized at Serdang Hospital for about more than two weeks..
she was suspected as Denggi carrier..

and the same week also my grandparents come to KL to visit my MakNgah..
the whole weekend i spend my time at aunty's house with my ka
and everyday we went to visit her day n night at the hospital..
my grandparents n my MakNgah

i also went to my Maksu's house at Cheras..
just a drop by to send my grandparents at her house..
after a quite a long time i didn't c my smallest kazen,
he is not so small after all.. hehehe..
my grandparents with my smallest kazen.. cute x? look like me?

Last week
it was a disappointed week. there's nothing to do..
i cannot online, surfing and chatting..
my streamyx got some prob..
first it was some prob with the line..
and after we went to K.Selangor TM Point,
the prob with the line fixed..
and the second prob appear to come from the modem..
at first we think that the modem broke down.
and after went to Low Yatt, we found that the prob came from the setting..
arrgghhh... what a waste of time..
luckily there still sumtg to buy..
and at the same time, i could survey the price of
i) my new future mobile phone..
ii) munirah's future DSLR camera

This week
after a long time, finally i can edit my blog
n yesterday i went out with my housemates
we went for a movie, "Superhero Movie'
and b4 that we played bowling.. (OU-bad place to play)
other than that, i played badminton with my frens..

n thats what i did all the long way..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


have u ever seen a ghost?
have u ever seen a possessed woman?


it was not a ghost, but i have witnessed it with my own eyes
a girl being possessed by an evil spirit..
it was a scary n shocking experience as i was there to calm the girl..
it happen last nite..

the girl is my housemate girlfriend..
it happen when me n ilyas went out to buy something at 7Eleven..
when we reached in front of our house,
we saw my friends are holding the girl(being possessed) as she was struggling to escape..
i then get out from the car, and approach them to look what is really happening..
at first we think that they are joking in the car with my other friend..
but when i went near the car, someone shout and said,
"wei, cpat tolong, awek adha kna rasuk."

as i came near to the girl, it was a bit frightening moment as my hair tend to stand up..
(seram sjuk gak laa..)
with all the help form others, we hold the girl and try to calm her down..
we recite Doa, n Azan to scare the spirit away..
but nothing really happen..
the environment becoming more astonishing as the spirit is shouting n screaming..
maybe afraid of the "Kalimah Allah".
then one of the neighbours came n try some help to calm her down..
but he also cannot do nothing..

a few minutes later, he called his friends(ustaz) for some help..
his friends know how to handle case like that..
in 10-15minutes time, they arrived..
we then give some ways to both ustaz to handle it..
about 45 minutes, the spirit finally removed from the girl's body..
however, it was not the end of it..
the spirit came again n try to get back into the girl's body..
Luckily, the ustaz was still there n was able to get rid or the spirit..

they then escort my friend to send his girlfriend home..
on the way, the girl said that she can feel that the spirit is following..
the spirit bring partners together..
but they cannot attack bcoz the ustazs was also in the car..

after they left for to send the girl home, we get in and take a shower..
and also pray for guidance..
Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened after that..
everything come back to normal..

Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday, 10th May 2008

Finally im back to normal..
After a quite tiring few days of sickness, now i'm getting well..
And the first thing i did went i feel healthier, i went to IKEA.
It was a shiny day.. n after my MUET, 6 of us,
Wan, E-wan, Usin, Ijan, Ilyas n me,
in one car, went all the way from our house..
But 2 of them, Ijan n Ilyasm,
were dropped at Sg Buloh bcoz they want to go back to their home..
Then, we continued our journey to IKEA and we bought some hangers, rack, table, chair n few smaller things.

resting 4 a while on one of the sofa in IKEA

Sunday, 11th May 2008

Ysterday i went out with my darling Munirah. I met her at KL Sentral.
This is one of the check point we always met. huhu.. we had our lunch at KFC,
n then hangout together taking picture of our own..
Everyone look at both of us, but nothing bother us if someone one to look..
They have eyes to look.. n mouth to talk..From KL Sentral, we went to Puduraya..
Again, along the way we took pictures..

"gila glamour agaknye"
then at 3.30pm, she went on the bus to Malacca..
n i went home to Bestari Jaya..
It was a day of happiness as i can spend time with my dearest Munirah..I miss her already.. Love you Munirah..

Friday, May 9, 2008

worst.. worried..

erm.. i'm still not feeling well..
i has becoming worst..
it not just flu n sore throat..
but it has come to a more serius matter..
i have cough.. n this lead to my old health problem..
big problem.. ASHTMA..
i dont want to be like this..
it feel very unpleasant.. i need to get well soon..

toworrow i got another MUET.
this time for listening, comprehension n writing..
i really worried that my asthma attack n i cannot attend the test..
i went to clinic to get the proper prevention for asthma..
hope evrytg will get better.. ~~aamiinnn~~

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm not feeling very well..

Dear Bloggers,

I hate this situation..

Today i felt very sick.. i catch flu and sore throat.. i'm very tired.. the flu make me fell uncomfortable.. i hate it.. hate it... :'( uwaaa~

Hope i can get well soon.. i need myself back.. healthy as usual..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Malaysian Univesity English Test (MUET)

Dear bloggers,

Tomorrow is the day for my MUET. it is my second time taking MUET. last time i got B3. i need to retake the MUET bcoz to graduate in B. Ed. TESL, the requirement of MUET is B4. so, no matter what, it is a must for me to retake it..

However, tomorrow i will be in the 1st session, which is as early as 7.30am, meanwhile my friends will be in the 2nd session, at 11.00am.. i'm all alone.. Erm..Insyallah, this time i'll try my best to score..

To all friends that will take MUET, good luck n all the best.. caiyok2.. let us score 4 MUET..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome back UNiSEL's students..

Dear friends,
My holiday time is coming to the end.. i'll start my new semester, semester 6, next week..
however, i have to get back to BB earlier bcoz i've MUET exam on Wednesday. now, i'm at my big house, Sri Light Corp.. huhuhu..
the exam result also released.. not so bad but still no so good.. i need to work harder(same spirit last sem). i'll try to make it better this sem, Insyaallah..
to all UNISEL's students, wish u all welcome back to campus life.. n all the best with ur upcoming result.. huhu...