Monday, September 29, 2008

activity during Raya's eve..

as usual, during Hari Raya every Muslims's family are bz with their preparation..
same with me n my family..

every year there will be a lot of preparation such as replacing new curtains,
cook ketupat n rendang.. n oso bake some cakes and cookies..

today, i have finished some part of the preparation..

(kek gulung, kek buah n kek coklat)

i have finished baked cakes with the help from my family members,

and oso almost done with cooking rendang..

these are all my activity during hari raya..
it's a bit tiring, but i enjoyed doing it..
especially during breaking fast this evening..
as i can taste my fav cake that i cook it myself..

dont be jelous k.. if u want, come to my house.. hehehe...

selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all Muslims..

men can cook..

last weekend before i went home to my hometown,
i spent a few days at my aunty's house at Duta Tropika, KL.

on Friday i went out with Munirah to break fast..(read this)
and after that, i went straight back home..
but it was not the end of my activity for the day..

around 11.30pm my kazen and his frens asked me to follow them to find some food..
we went to uptown for some drink.. n then we went home..

my kazen n his frens- (amir, megat n him)

after arrived at home, we did not sleep.. everybody were bz preparing to cook
western food for sahur..

we cooked some nuggets, fried squidballs n steak.. and oso not to forget rice..

everyone enjoyed and finished the western food..

the meals were very delicious..
that was approved by my aunty and that shows dat men also can cook.. hehehe...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

With Her

Yesterday was a really happy moment for me..
i went out wif my sweetheart, Munirah..
it was the first time for both of us to break fast together since our first met.

we went for our dinner at Little Penang Cafe at KLCC..
we made reservation at 8pm..
the food was not so bad..
and the price also not expenxive..

My meal set

rice+meat rendang+kerabu+chicken

milo + ice?? wut happened?

Her meal set

rice+chicken+'sambal petai'+kerabu

ice barli

we met after office hour.
but before we went to the cafe,

we went to Ampang Park to search for some 'kueh raya'.
however, we cannot find any bcoz the price are quite expensive.

around 6.30pm we walked at the KLCC park till the 'azan' Maghrib..
both of us 'break fast' with some water and bread in front of the KLCC mosque..
after the Maghrib Prayer, we walked to the cafe..

after we had our dinner, we went for some shopping..
she bought me a pair of t-shirt..

thank you my dear for the Hari Raya T-shirt... hehe..
i really like it..
n i'm happy spending time with you..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aidilfitri Wishes..

to all friends and bloggers..
i would to take this opportunity to apologize
4 all my mistakes either seen or unseen, direct or indirect..
i would like to wish all Muslims
a Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

have a pleasant holiday with your family members..
n also with your friends on the special day..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


erm.. i'm so boring and exhausted..
there's nothing much to do in the house
and it is too hot in Bestari Jaya..

tonite n tmorrow i have tests..
one is on teaching reading n the other one is on educational administration..
with this hot condition, i feel so lazy to study..
i'm sweating rite now..

luckily that my room is not as hot as the others..
if dat happened, i dunno wut will i do..
on the fasting month, i need to be very patient..
wut can i do is just accepting wut is going to happen next..

now, i want to read some notes 4 tonite's teste..
hope there are sumtg that can be absorbed from the notes..
n wish me luck k..

Sunday, September 21, 2008


It has been a while since my last post.. i'm quite bz rite now..
there are lot of assignment and presentation need to be done..

today i'm going to talk about tonite football match between Chelsea vs Manchester United.

will this match become the crucial match or is it just another boring match like the match between Liverpool vs Manchester United the other day?

every united fans highly hope that their fav team will wake up from their dreams and honeymoon.
as the holding champion, united must rebuilt their confident n strength.
tonite game will be the starting point towards their goal..
the starting point towards united winning style..

with the right strategy n n cooperation among the team members,
united sure will come back.
now, the comeback of the key players,

Cristiano Ronaldo,
will surely make the difference in their line up and strategies.

Park Ji Sung also available in the game.
his hardworking attitude will make the opponent team restless.
both Ronaldo n Park will be the men in the wing side
which migt produce some good assist ball to the strikers.

the combination of the three strikers,

Wayne Rooney,

Carloz Tevez,

n newly sign Dimitar Berbatov,
will give the attacking power for the team..

Sir Alex Ferguson must have prepared the best ingredients for tonite game.
hope the game will end with positive result for United.

and hopefully the game will entertain all the viewers, especially
manchester united fans.

together we unite, together we support, and together we will be

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sad but yet happy

yesterday was very interesting day..
i went out to break fast with some of the club members..

it was quite an interesting moment..:happy3:

even Manchester United lost that game (sad) @sedih
but we enjoyed the moment of togetherness as manchester united fans..

there are few pictures which have been chosen to be put in this post..

shahrilazri - in united jersey holding his camera

credited to shahrilazri for some of the lovely pics..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

meal of the day..

today is 7th Ramadhan 1429H..
and it was the 7th day of the fasting month..

today i took my sahur with fried rice add with eggs.
i couldn't sleep, therefore at 4.30am went to the kitchen n cooked the rice.
not bad for a plain fried rice..

my favourite drink, milo

n just now, for the breaking fast meal,
once again i ate fried rice..
this time not just plain rice but added with some ingredients such as
sausage, 'ikan bilis', fish cakes n eggs..

mix fried rice.. ooppss.. no veggy:mockery:

the meal was prepared with all the help from my housemates..
prof, syahir, iwan, ilyas n kud..
n there is one sleeping partner, comot.. hehe..

uikss.. who is going to clean the dishes?? @ketuk

alhamdulillah, the rice is enough for everybody..
n all the empty stomach are full again..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

and the winner is...

instructions :
1. copy the picture and post it at your blog
2. continue seraching for another 5 bloggers.. (or more)
3. after all the blogger are identified, leave a message at their blog
4. lastly, dont forget to put your URL besides Sir Hanif

next candidates are :
1. Irwan
2. Syira
3. Mahirah
4. Mardhiah
5. Masturah
6. Akmal Saufi

Thursday, September 4, 2008

when it becomes red devil

i'm very happy
i have change my blog skin..

previously it was a theme of football with black n white colour combo..

now it is still theme of football,
but it is specific to Manchester United theme..

i would like to dedicate my special thanks to
who managed to design such a wonderful skin for me..
thank you my dear, i really appreciate it..