Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm so happy.. Freedom it will be..

Yessszzaaaa... Finally... no more resriction..

my dear,

It has been a long period
felt so worried
felt so unsettled
about the way it should

i think now the time has come correctly
to reveal the uncertainty
to make it reality
of the love story
which make us so happy

my dear,

we finally get through
from a long journey full of load
which make us tough
in the uncertainty road

i'm so happy
a freedom it will be
and make it firmly
for you and me

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MuNiRaH aBd

My dear Munirah,

Good luck my sweet Intan.. study smart, dont study hard.. :D this is the key towards our future..
I'll always b there 4 u.. spirit kiss 4 u syg.. muakhhss.. :-*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It took a while...

Dear bloggers,

Today is my last day at SriLightCorp.,Bestari Jaya. This afernoon i'm going home 4 my holiday..
But before that, i will go to my aunty's house at KL n then meet my Munirah on the next day.

so, during the following days, i wont be able to drop an entry or comments.. till we meet again another day with my new entry.. have a nice day n njoy what ever u do.. tata...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Yes, finally it is a Merdeka day!! but not Merdeka 31st August but it is the end of exam and it means the end of this semester.. Hoooreeyyy!! Holiday time..

To all UNISEL's students, happy holiday. see u all next sem. let's enjoy the short holiday.. huhu..
Now, i can sleep for the fullest.. huhuhu.. sure best!!! it is a replacement for the previous sleeping disorders. :-) kikikik..

Erm.. my activity b4 i go back to Perlis is a trip to Melaka with my beloved intan, Munirah this Sunday.. i miss u so much my dear.. erm..i go there just want to accompany her n spend some time wiht her along the journey to Melaka. then, from Melaka i take a bus n go back home.. ye ye, miss my bed. n miss delicious food.. nyum..nyum..

Happy Holiday to all... take care...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ye ye.. Last paper... then holiday..

Dear bloggers,

Finally the final examination has come to the end.. Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, it's my last paper 4 this semester.. the subject 4 tomorrow's paper is 'Teaching Technique & Classroom Management.

After 3weeks of hard work(was it really hard?), i can feel the excitement of the holiday which is approaching.. however, the holiday is not a long holiday after all.. too short this sem coz our paper end a lil bit late.. but at least i still can go home to my hometown n spend time with my family.. it has been a while since i went home(last general election).

To all frens, Happy Holiday.. enjoy ur holiday together with family, frens n love one.. hope 2 c u all next sem..

Badminton: Top seeds Lin Dan and Chong Wei struggle for wins

Newspaper article, adopted from The Star, 17 April 2008.

IT was the last but, definitely, the most anticipated match of the day and Lee Chong Wei almost broke the hearts of the local fans at the Bandaraya Stadium.

Yesterday, the country’s top men’s singles shuttler had to come back from the brink of defeat to tame China’s Zhu Weilun 17-21, 21-16, 21-6 in a 48-minute battle.
Close call: China’s Lin Dan makes a backhand return to Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Minh in the second round yesterday. Lin Dan won 19-21, 21-14, 21-16.

There were anxious moments when he was trailing 1-5 and 8-11 in the second game but the second seed came up with the goods to claw his way up to level at 12-12 and 15-15.

Then, spurred on by the fans, Chong Wei stepped up a gear to force the rubber, winning it 21-6 to seal the match.

Today, he will take on Thailand’s Boonsak Ponsana in the third round.

Boonsak had earlier dashed Yeoh Kay Bin’s hopes of strengthening his claim for a place in the Thomas Cup Finals by beating the Malaysian 21-10, 21-13.

Chong Wei attributed his poor start to his inability to read Weilun’s game. The two last met during the Asian Junior Championships in Japan eight years ago.

“I was 18 years old when I last played against him. He is hardly sent out for international tournaments.

“Now, his game has changed a lot. I knew it would be tough but he certainly surprised me with his improved performance,” said the 26-year-old Chong Wei.

“I was not used to his style of play and took a while to get into rhythm. I knew that I needed to break his rhythm and, fortunately, I managed to do that when I was tied at 15-15.

“This is not the start that I had expected. But I promise I will bounce back with better performances. I want to keep my unbeaten record against Boonsak.

“Hopefully, I will be able to reach the semi-finals for a possible meeting with Bao (Chunlai of China),” added the 2006 Asian champion.

Besides Chong Wei, three other Malaysians – Wong Choong Hann, Mohd Hafiz Hashim and Tan Chun Seang – also made it to the third round.

Choong Hann, who hurt his finger during a hard-fought 21-17, 21-14 win over former Asian junior champion Kenichi Tago, said he expects a great fight against Chen Yu of China today.

“I have a good record against Chen Yu although it has been a while since we last met. It is going to be an interesting match and I expect it to go down to the wire.”

Hafiz, who snuffed out a fiery challenge from his younger compatriot Mohd Arif Abdul Latif with a 21-16, 21-17 win, will take on Chunlai today.

Chun Seang, the nation’s top back-up shuttler, also has a tough task today as he will take on South Korean Park Sung-hwan.

Said national singles coach Misbun Sidek: “The matches will only get tougher from now on. It will be tough for the players who are facing Chinese opponents but we hope for a good showing from the Malaysians.”

Meanwhile, top seed Lin Dan of China also got off to a jittery start. He came back from a game down to beat Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Minh 19-21, 21-14, 21-16 to set up a meeting with Singapore’s Ronald Susilo.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arsenal lost + Chelsea draw = Manchester United on the top!!

Dear bloggers,

Football craze? English Premier League(EPL)?

Lately maybe fo those who are crazy about football, especially EPL will feel the passion of the remaining matches.. the top 3 teams, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are fighting to win the championship..
But after the previous match between Manchester United vs Arsenal, and Chelsea vs Wigan, the table seemly to give advantages to Manchester United. Manchester now leading the table with 80pts, Chelsea 2nd - 5pts behind, and Arsenal 3rd - 9pts behind leader.
Last Sunday, match between ManUtd vs Arsenal ended to a victory to ManUtd. this give the turning point to United as the need to gap their points from Chelsea n Arsenal. n for Arsenal, the lost cost them the league title chasing blown away.. The game was not the best game so far, but it was a good battle between both teams. A penalty by

Ronaldo and a marvelous curling free kick by Hargreaves give the winning points to United. it was Arsenal who had the lead by adebayor but United was the winner of the game. Glory glory Manchester United!!

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, match between Chelsea vs Wigan ended 1-1 draw.. this give all the advantages that United need.. 5pts clear with 4 games remaining.. This result also make Chelsea left with less hope to win the title of this season.. Thanks to Heskey, who scored for Wigan in the last minutes to share 1pts with Chelsea.. Now, it seems like United are one footed to win the title.. United are the champion..


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey you, don't make my inbox full with nonsense msg!!!

Dear mobile phone users,

To those who think that they are one of those who sent all the nonsense SMS, plz read this..
I'm very honored to get msgs from all of u, but dont send somthing which are useless just bcoz u want finished the free msgs..

b4 this u dare to take risks of applying for free msgs, so plzz bear with it.. dont make others suffered headache because of ur incoming stupid msgs. plzz think 4 others right.. sumtimes all the privacy that they need vanished just becoz of ur stupid msgs.. or 4 those who used old model of hp, maybe their hp inbox could not accept all the crazy things u sent and they have to delete all the msgs just bcoz u make their hp inbox were full.

once again, i know money is important, but dont u think frenship is more important..? if u sent the useless msgs, sumone will get angry and mad at u.. n it will effect ur frenship.. plz, i oso applied 4 the free msgs system, but i dont do like some of u. i think of others. i dont want others to feel irritate like i felt now.. too many msgs, but all are selfish msgs.. STOP IT PLZZZZ!!! IT IS ANNOYING!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

(extra) What a day!! Today is a day of broken beds..

Dear bloggers,

This is just an extra post.. what a funny experienced happened in my house..
i can declare it as a day of broken beds..

2 beds in my house at bestari jaya, broke into 2 pieces.. huhu.. one was my bed n the other one was usin's bed.. huhu.. can u imagine, the same tragedy in the same day.. hahaha.. so funny..

luckily i have extra bed.. but unlucky to usin, the bed problem is still unsettle.. haha..

ok, i think that is the story 4 now.. time to go on with our life.. bye.. c ya..

Mood..Mood..Mood.. Where have you been??

Dear bloggers,

somebody help me!! tomorrow is my next paper, Introduction to Psycholinguistic.. but.. i'm not fully prepared.. study? no full concentration. mood?? dont know where it went till now..

taking psycholinguistic, however my psychology is not in the mood yet.. i try to sit and read since 2 days ago, but it did not last long.. only about 30-45minutes.. then i felt sleepy or bored.. erm..maybe my style of study is a last minute study.. so tonite i'll put 100%++ effort.. hopefully i manage to cover some or the topics.. luckily the paper is in the afternoon.. so i still have some time..

to all my frens, TESLians, good luck k.. may the best be with us..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Academic Calendar

Dear frens,

4 those Unisel's students who did not sure about their academic dates, this will help all of u manage n plan ur activities..


SEMESTER 2/2007/2008 (DECEMBER 2007)

New students registration

12-13 Dec 2007

2 days

New students orientation

12-14 Dec 2007

3 days

Returning Students registration

15-16 Dec 2007

2 days


17 Dec 2007 - 3 Feb 2008

7 weeks

Mid Semester break

4-10 Feb 2008

1 week


11 Feb – 30 Mar 2008

7 weeks

Final Exam

31 Mar – 20 Apr 2008

3 weeks

Semester break

21 Apr – 11 May 2008

3 weeks

Exam result released

30 Apr 2008

Exam Unit

SEMESTER 3/2007/2008 (MAY 2008)

New students registration

8 May 2008

1 day

New students orientation

8-10 May 2008

3 days

Returning Students registration

10-11 May 2008

2 days


12 May – 29 June 2008

7 weeks

Final Exam

30 June – 6 July 2008

1 week

Semester break

7-27 July 2008

3 weeks

Exam result released

18 July 2008

Exam Unit

Notes :

MUET EXAM – 7 May 2008 and 10 May 2008

Semester May, 2008 (3/2007/2008)

Public Holiday 2008

Wesak Day – 19 May 2008 (Monday)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a bad day!!

Dear bloggers,

I'm very unlucky today.. thing after thing happen to be bad for me today... since i woke up around 12noon (tired day yesterday), it shows how bad luck is going on my way... after i took my bath and get ready to go out for lunch, i left my wallets in my room. maybe it also show how careless am i..
next, on my way to the restaurant, my motor starting to sound weird and giving signal that sumting will bad will occur.. after i had my lunch (nasi ayam), then i ride on my my motor.. at that time, the problem that i worried earlier suddenly appeared.. i tried several time to start the engine, but the result is the same, the motor cannot b start.. so lucky at that time, the workshop is just nearby.. i left the motor there n i took a lift on my fren motor..
However, it is still not the end, when we was half of the way to reach home, suddenly the motor's back wheel blow up.. and we cannot reach home.. so bad.. we've to wait for ucin to get car and fetch me. and my fren wait for the mechanic to change the wheel.. so bad luck..