Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arsenal lost + Chelsea draw = Manchester United on the top!!

Dear bloggers,

Football craze? English Premier League(EPL)?

Lately maybe fo those who are crazy about football, especially EPL will feel the passion of the remaining matches.. the top 3 teams, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are fighting to win the championship..
But after the previous match between Manchester United vs Arsenal, and Chelsea vs Wigan, the table seemly to give advantages to Manchester United. Manchester now leading the table with 80pts, Chelsea 2nd - 5pts behind, and Arsenal 3rd - 9pts behind leader.
Last Sunday, match between ManUtd vs Arsenal ended to a victory to ManUtd. this give the turning point to United as the need to gap their points from Chelsea n Arsenal. n for Arsenal, the lost cost them the league title chasing blown away.. The game was not the best game so far, but it was a good battle between both teams. A penalty by

Ronaldo and a marvelous curling free kick by Hargreaves give the winning points to United. it was Arsenal who had the lead by adebayor but United was the winner of the game. Glory glory Manchester United!!

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, match between Chelsea vs Wigan ended 1-1 draw.. this give all the advantages that United need.. 5pts clear with 4 games remaining.. This result also make Chelsea left with less hope to win the title of this season.. Thanks to Heskey, who scored for Wigan in the last minutes to share 1pts with Chelsea.. Now, it seems like United are one footed to win the title.. United are the champion..



Anonymous said...

skang penyokong arsenal bleh dok dndiam n try 2 move on 4 nex season. xpo2, xde cup 3 thn bukannye masalah kan? arsenal kan hebat.. kan ke penah menang league undefeated.. tp sat.. kalah ngan sapo eh? hmmm.. ooo ye, MU.. so arsenal.. DIAM SUDEY!~ hahahahahahaa.. Glory~ Glory~ Man United~

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

Arsenal? No League cup, no Champions League and no EPL. Try again next season..
not to forget, no top scorer also..

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