Wednesday, February 25, 2009

24th February 1984

Happy Birthday to me..
wahh. i'm, 25 years old already.. (dah tua dah)

erm..i always keep my birthday low profile..
however, there are few of my friends that sent their wishes.
thanks friends..

not to forget, my sweetheart, Munirah.. (dia wish 2jam awal sbb xsihat)
hopefully she will get well soon.. (leh nk g celebrate birthday aku dgn dia)

and what makes me feel very touched today
is when some of my friends gave me birthday card
and recieved two presents.. one was given by ilyas,
and the other one by few of the classmates:
usin, ramesh, zul, edia, syu, and ila.
it is not an expensive price, but i really appreciate it..
thank you guys..

ilyas's present.. (multi hook)
tmpat utk gantung sumting utk dlm keta tu..

the present (manchester united's muffler)
and birthday card given by my classmates..

they also bought me a birthday cake.. but the picture is not available to be uploaded..
however, i will remember all this event 4 a very long time..
hope our friendship will last 4eva..

thanks again friends..

p/s : aku xde mood sgt nk celebrate coz rsaukan munirah yg sakit.. tp aku tetap happy..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

get well soon

Munirah Abdullah

Get Well Soon My Dear

I hope you’re feeling better;
And become much stronger.
I miss you every day;
I’m always thinking of you
and always love you.

Hope you are feeling better;
and we can see each other.

So this is what I say:
Get Well Soon My Dear!

Friday, February 20, 2009

haznizan's words

welcome to blog world to haznizan aka ijan,
finally u've also get involved in blogging..

ijan is my housemate.. (roommate usin)
who is staying in 'bamboo river'..

he is good looking guy n nice person..
n he also mostly known as 'lecturers pet'..
hahaha.. (jgn marah ye ijan)

his blog is known as ignizSAYSwhat.

p/s : ilyas has officially posted entry in his blog..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

money money money..

finally, the loan money(ptptn) have just been deposited..
now i can spend the money on:

  1. pay fees
  2. debt payment (not from 'along' k)
  3. repair car damage (ketuk n cat)
  4. buy lense slr
  5. buy practicum stuff
  6. saving acount (4 future)
  7. balance (use it wisely)
p/s : next month practicum, need to use lot of money. (xleh boros sgt)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


erm.. last saturday, after i went out to a wedding ceremony with munirah,
i then went to One Utama to watch a futsal tournament..
'kejohanan futsal amal palestin anjuran TV3'

as i mention earlier, mymanutd have been invited to join the tournament..
the other teams are from tv3 themselves n from oso teams from 'juventus malaysia'..

4 those who watch scoreboard, they'll know bout this..
n they'll oso see me standing in front of the camera doing nothing.. hehehe..
'xcaya tgk ni ha..'
'aku pn xsure apa aku tgh buat msa ni.. blurr je nmpak'

eventhough we did not reach final, but the moral of the story is,
we manage to give some donation to the Gaza's war victim..
'wlaupun xsberapa bantuan yg kami sumbangkn, tp ianya ikhlas utk mbantu org yg lebih mmerlukan'

here are some other pictures of that day..

'barisan pemain bersama dgn banner mymanutd'
'mana talinye?'

before 1st kickoff (game ni menang)

'bkumpul b4 nk bg sumbangan..'

'barisan penyokong n pemain mymanutd'

after the match ended, i went home.. so tired..