Sunday, July 26, 2009


this is just to show the greatest power of Allah swt.
He creates all the living creatures in the world.
Allah the almighty.. Creator of the human kind..

look at these two pictures..
both are not the same people neither a twin..
they have nothing in relationship..

Nurul Huda Isma

but wut all of us can see, both of them have similiar look.
even not 100% the same, but i'll sure someone will be confused..

even for the first time when i look at Isma's picture (munirah's photoshoot client),
i am very sure that i've seen her before..
but then i realized she is not the person that i know..
the person i know is nurul huda.. (munirah's friend)

so, this show us that Allah is so Great..
He can create whatever He wants to..
He don't have to create a clone to make someone look the same.

p/s: credit to the pictures owners.. and thanks for the participants in the pictures.. hehe..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy birthday to you

today is her bitrhday..
25th birthday..

for the same reason, last nite i've made a suprised party for her..
with some help from her sisters (angah n alang),
this party went on quite well and really made her shocked..

Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..

MUAHHHH.. :love2:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Special Day

today is a very special day for me.
i'm surely enjoying this whole day becoz of two occasions.

the first occasion is, 17th July is the 6th Anniversary in relationship
with Munirah Abdullah. i'm very happy to be in love with her.
and i'm very much grateful to have her as my sweetheart.

to Munirah Abdullah,
thank you so much my dear
for being part of my life.
i will always love n miss u.
you are such a great and loving person.
you are so sweet and kind.

the other occasion is the arrival of Manchester United in Malaysia.
i'm very excited to and eager to meet them in reality.
if there is a possibility, i want to take some pictures with them

Manchester United, welcome to Malaysia.

enjoy your tour in Malaysia and give us a great deal of football show.
this evening, i'll also watching their training session in Bukit Jalil,
and tomorrow, i'll be watching them playing a friendly match againts our national team.
ALL the best to Manchester United and Malaysian team.

Monday, July 13, 2009

believe it or not

Last Saturday, i went to Sport Planet Subang Grand..
there was a friendly match between Mymanutd vs Harimau
it was part of the activities in welcoming MU vs Malaysia friendly match next week..
lebih kurang mcm pre-match la ni.. hahaha..

the event went on well.. there were two teams playing for both club.
the result based on overall scores won by HMC 17 -8.

HMC ada weekly training
Mymanutd 2mggu skali baru training
it was a great experience for both club.

other than that, there was also an interview session by RTM.
believe it or not, i was there to be among the person being interviewed..
so, if there is a possibility they will put my scene on show,
u'll see my face on TV1.. hahahaha...

below are some pics as prove..

p/s : femes la aku klau msuk rtm.. hahahaha..(khamis - 10.30mlm)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Manchester United Asia Tour 2009

First of all i would like to thanks
Mr Firdaus a.k.a Narutokun
Vice president of
He kindly helped me buying and holding 2 tickets and 2 training passes
since i bought it direct from Mymanutd.

Finally, yesterday afternoon
i took the tickets and passes from
him at Pandan Mewah (in front of Ampang Hospital).

The arrival of the champion will be less than a fortnight.
On the 17th, the players will be training on the pitch
and the pass holder will get to see them live in front of my own eyes.

The next day, Manchester United will play against our country Malaysia.
It will a historical moment.. i'm eager to see them live in the stadium.

Glory-glory Manchester United and Majulah sukan utk Malaysia..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

thank you SKBBKS..

Last week on 26th June 2009 was our last day doing our practicum..
SK Bandar Baru Kuala Selangor had gave all five of us lots of experience.
the Headmaster, the Senior Assistants, all the teachers and all the pupils were really good to us.
we've been treated as we r with our own family
it was a hard moment to leave the school.. but nothing could be done..
it's part of life..

we're very thankful to all SKBBKS' family.. we've learn so much during our 4 months there.
nothing can make us pay what the school have given..
it's priceless.. we're so lucky to be accepted to do the practicum at that school.

Thank you so much.. SKBBKS will always be in our memory..

thanks to all of SKBBKS' family in the pictures
as well as others which are not included in the pictures.
we're very happy serving almost 4 months of our training at SKBBKS.

Me and the Headmaster, Tn Hj. Shamsuri

My friends with Senior Assistants 1 and 2,
Pn Mainah (right) and Pn Zaini (left)

the loving and caring teachers

the handsome n beautiful teachers..

the sweet and obidient pupils..

p/s : special thanks to our Supervisors,
Mdm Pushpananthini(UNISEL) and Pn Maznah Husin (SKBBKS)
for guiding us throughout the practicum training.