Sunday, July 26, 2009


this is just to show the greatest power of Allah swt.
He creates all the living creatures in the world.
Allah the almighty.. Creator of the human kind..

look at these two pictures..
both are not the same people neither a twin..
they have nothing in relationship..

Nurul Huda Isma

but wut all of us can see, both of them have similiar look.
even not 100% the same, but i'll sure someone will be confused..

even for the first time when i look at Isma's picture (munirah's photoshoot client),
i am very sure that i've seen her before..
but then i realized she is not the person that i know..
the person i know is nurul huda.. (munirah's friend)

so, this show us that Allah is so Great..
He can create whatever He wants to..
He don't have to create a clone to make someone look the same.

p/s: credit to the pictures owners.. and thanks for the participants in the pictures.. hehe..


Anonymous said...

for someone who's going to be an English teacher, u sure made lots of grammatical mistakes. offense k? i'm blog hopping n happened to hop into ur blog. nice blog, though.

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

haha.. no offense.. tq 4 telling me though.. this is just my style of writing blog.. :)

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