Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008 Germany VS Spain

EURO 2008

Germany VS Spain

which team do u think is the best European Team?
the favourite team of this game is Spain.
can Germany beat the Spanish?

last night, Spain strongly beat Russia 3-0.
this show how eager the team to be crowned as the king..
meanwhile Germany only managed to beat underdog Turkey 3-2.
can this be the turning point to both team?

surely the game will be fantastic..
both teams have several numbers of key players.
Germany's side has players such as Ballack, Klose, Podolski, Schweinsteige n etc
on the other hand, Spanish side has players such as Torres, Sergio Ramos, Fabregas n etc

However, football is still unpredictable..
anything can happen..
both teams has the opportunity to win..
the thing that is important is sportsmanship..
if the game is fair, the match will be more exciting..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Euro 2008.. who will be crowned the King?

i'm sure everyone like football..
football is the most preferable sport in the word..
n definitely everyone is watching EURO 2008.

Euro 2008 now has come nearly to the end.
the games left are the semifinals..
1st semifinalist game is between

Germany vs Turkey
this game finished last night. the game finished with very crucial fight..
even Germany has won that game, however a big salute must be given to the Turkish side as they had given a high fighting spirit game before lost 2-3 to Germany..
Germany is now waiting for second semifinalist game this morning..
the one who win the game will meet Germany in the final.

the other semifinalists are
Spain vs Russia

Spain is the favourite team to win this title.. but will Russia give the upset result once again?
Russia had defeated Holland, but will the team do a miracle again?
to know who will meet Germany, we just have to wait for the game tonite..
it sure be an enjoyable game.. be sure not to miss it..

"Majulah sukan untuk negara"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another tagged

This is the English+Malay entry.. (a bit lazy to change)

Nicknames from ur love one?
family members normally call me 'along'.. erm..if Munirah, she always call me 'bie' or 'darling'.@malu

Anda seorang yang...
dilahirkan dgn cukup sifat fizikal dan organ dalam ... friendly, patient n etc. @jelir..hahaha..

Insan teristimewa? Describe what make the person special 4 u..
seorang yg sgt caring n loving..n oso cute. perfect girl for me je tau. @malu

Makanan & minuman favourite..
Sedap+halal except 4 veggy n weird food..

Favourite colour..
Black, red, white, green, purple, blue, orange, yellow ... all colour maybe.@sederhana

Favourite song..
sesedap halwa telinga!! anything that can b accepted by my ears!!

Siapa yg selalu membuatkan anda tergelak..
@guling friends who like to make jokes..

Sikap org yg membuatkan anda stress..
Blur, stupidity, selfish, xtepati janji n 'takabbur'!! @siul

3 benda yg mesti ada dlm 'bag' anda…
it is not a specific bag k.. first, must have badminton stuff.. 2nd my medicine(allergic n asthma).. 3rd camera(snang skit nk shoot pic menarik)@jelir..

Kali terakhir anda beriya-iya menangis ... kenapa ...

Perkara yg paling lucu atau memalukan dlm hidup anda…
@garuada ke?

ok2x dah..dats all..

p/s : credited to my sweetheart.. i copied from her.. n just make a simple adjusment.. huhu..

Friday, June 20, 2008

History Made

UNISEL's students on Strike!!!

today was a very historical day of all day studying at UNISEL..
for the first time in history..there was a strike this morning at UNISEL's chancellery building.
this building is the UNISEL's management building
which includes the HEA, HEP, n oso treasurer..
it started from 4a.m, when many students gathered at the building
to get numbers for payment process.
all the students start to camp in the building area bcoz the system used by the management was unsystematic..
all students start to came as early as 4-5am few days b4 as the numbers always finished as soon as the counter open n the line was too long..
to make it worst, the treasurer department is very strict about the payment.
if the students did not make the payment, there will be no exam slip.
as a result, students starting to attack the treasurer department.
day after day, the problem did not end.
students start to feel disappointed and angry..
they started to use body language rather than spoken..
if they speak, the words also did not sound good..
and finally it become a serious prob..
n a history was made in UNISEL..
so, in this situation, who must be blame?
students or management?

have a look at this n then give ur conclusion!!

p/s : thanks 4 the sources given by sri light corp personnel..

Tagged again

once again, i've been tagged by my beloved sweetheart..
this time is what ONE thing i do/did..

1 mins ago?
watching movie...

1 thing i did yesterday?
playing badminton with my classmates

1 thing to do tomorrow?
dunno yet..

1 last incoming call?
Munirah Abdullah

1 just finished eaten food?
char kuay teow

1 lost item?
i'm not sure.. nothing recently

1 latest movie watch?
kuch kuch hota hai, drive n etc

1 latest gossip?
erm..bout "Squad 'C'acat"

1 speech to shout out?
miss u cyg ucuk tomey..

1 health problem/disease?
muscle pain.. hehehe..

1 need?
want to have wut i want..

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dear Munirah,

wish u all the best on ur final PSM presentation n reports.
i'll will always support u..
good luck my dear..
spirit kiss 4 u. muakhsss.. :-*

after ur restless effort...
a good result will surely be yours..
in other word

"usaha tangga kejayaan"


Friday, June 13, 2008


i'm very upset with the facilities in UNiSEL..
can u imagine a badminton hall with lights problem?

this problem has become a serius matter as the only place that students are allowed to play badminton at anytime they like.

there is another hall to play, but need permission from JANA NIAGA.
JANA NIAGA is the authorities that in charge of building UNiSEL.
UNiSEL management is still owing some amount of money.
therefore JANA NIAGA has the power to control something..

back to the real prob..
the lights prob in IPIS badminton hall..
IPIS is Sport Center for students.
the lights used in the hall are spotlights.
when the heat is to high, the bulps will blow off and make the hall dark.

when this happened, the cost of repairing the lights took almoust thousands ringgit.
moreover, these kind of lights are also not suitable for badminton hall.
this is because, the lights will disturb the eyesight if the player accidently look up straight to the lights.

the prob did not end only from the lights..
there is also another prob related to the hall..
the doors and windows allow the sun light come direct into the hall.
the used of sliding doors and untinted windows are not suitable..
sun light also disturbs the sight of the player during the game..

the UNiSEL's management need to do something about this..
they shud change the lights to lot of normal house lights which normally used in other badminton halls..
at the same time, they must do sumtg about the doors n windows..
either tinted them or change them all..

this prob will end if management really do their job..
as a students, we r customers..
n as customers, we're alwys rite at anytime...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

candle of the future

A Teacher for All Seasons

A teacher is like Spring,
Who nurtures new green sprouts,
Encourages and leads them,
Whenever they have doubts.
A teacher is like Summer,
Whose sunny temperament
Makes studying a pleasure,
Preventing discontent.

A teacher is like Fall,
With methods crisp and clear,
Lessons of bright colors
And a happy atmosphere.
A teacher is like Winter,
While it’s snowing hard outside,
Keeping students comfortable,
As a warm and helpful guide.
Teacher, you do all these things,
With a pleasant attitude;
You’re a teacher for all seasons,
And you have my gratitude!

By Joanna Fuchs

Monday, June 9, 2008


7th June 2008

what can u say?

this accident happened in front of my house.
there was a wedding ceremony near my house.
the waja n perdana belongs to bride's family.

the accident happened when the Waja,
carelessly drove from the main road into the right side of the road.
wut make all of the villagers shocked was,
how that car got into the situation?
the driver drive to the right side of the Toyota and crashed hard onto the Perdana.
That Waja was totally damaged. The car's water tank wrecked.

the owner of the Toyota is my neighbour.
he parked the car before the accident occur as it is his normal place to park his car.
but around lunch hour, i could hear a hard bumped from inside my house.
i ran out and found out that the cars had already engaged.
The Waja driver came from the main road and run through a rough road side
and scratching the Toyota's right side front bumper and front light.

to make this situation worst, the driver and my neighbour almost have a fight.
this was cause by misunderstanding n bad tempered attitude from both side.
luckily the police arrived sooner, or else the brawl will never end.

those happened in my howetown which i grew up for 24 years.
i could not believe it..
neither those who r also watching it..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

better or worst?

everybody in our country want the better not the worst for life
hate to admit it.. BUT
wut everybody has expecting n dont really want it to happen
has now became reality..
petrol price increased again 40%..
now it become RM2.70 per litre..
who to blame?

is it really about global economic prob or personal greediness?
wut will happen to the low economic status community?
wut hapen to our petroleum industry?
wut happen to all the profit gain by PETRONAS?
since the announcement have been made by the government,
all the petrol stations in our country packed with cars..
everbody rushed to fill up their petrol tank..
to make it worst, road starting to jam..
some start to sound their honks to show protest and anger..
n the road look like a long way of journey on a highway..
but the reality is, everybody want to buy petrol..

wut will happen next?
more increasing definitely.. price of food n groceries will also increase..
this is the effect of greediness..
everyone will try to find a way to get profit..

when this will stop?
think about it..
something must be done..
but wut can we do?
is there somebody which can tell us wut we can do?

i hate this situation..
i do believe others also hate it..
dont be shy to admit it..


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tagged 2

Once again I've been tagged..
oso by me beloved Munirah Abd..
this time is about FIRST and LAST.

    1. Firstly it was not the FIRST time I've been tagged.. kikikikik.. =p
    2. I still dont have my first real job. but i used to work in petrol station(PETRONAS).
    3. I don really remember when i attended first funeral ceremony.. it was when i was a young boy.. some of it was my great grandparents..
    4. I dont like pet.. i have asthmatic problem.. but i can consider my first pet as a kitten that used to be taken care by my grandparents.. hehehe..
    5. i'm a Muslim so, as a man, i cannot have pierce and tatoo.. so no first time in this situation. Na'uzubillah..
    6. As a student it is not suitable to have credit card.. so maybe my first credit card is after i get a job.. Insyaallah.. but i have other cards.. ATM, Touch N Go, Matrics n etc.
    7. The first time i was born to earth i have my first, second, third n so on kisses.. as a baby, everyone like to kiss me.. am i cute? i dont think so.. sweet maybe.. hahaha..

    1. My last ride on my motorbike is last Saturday.. i went to 7Eleven..
    2. last kiss?? an adult man, it's a bit shy to kiss my parents now.. i cannot remember when i last kiss them.. sowie mak n abah.. other people?? owhh yes.. my kazen Ariel.. last 2week.. hehehe..
    3. Last but not least, i think this might not be the last time i got tagged.. i sure more to come.. Redha with it.. huhuhu..

thats all 4 now.. c u later.. tata..

Tagged 1

I was tagged by my dearest Munirah Abd
the tag is about "Umur yang saya ingin kembali"
or in other words "which age i would like to reborn"

im not really sure which year.. bcoz i'm not believing in reborn..
but as i think of my past years.. i would like to be 2o years old.
y? dont know the exact reason. mybe bcoz i'm starting to have my freedom..
i can do freely what i want to do..
no more strict restriction from my parents..

even though there are something that i must obey n cannot do,
but it was still not the same from the younger ages of my life..
as my early ages were full of restriction n obligation..

but now, i'm even freely than before..
as i'm away from my hometown..
but i still remembered the things that have been taught earlier..
wut can be done, n wut can't be done..

erm..i will not tagged others..
i would rather think that if i dont like tagged, so do others..
if u still want, anyone can do this tagged..

till we meet again in my next tagged n3.. tata..