Monday, June 9, 2008


7th June 2008

what can u say?

this accident happened in front of my house.
there was a wedding ceremony near my house.
the waja n perdana belongs to bride's family.

the accident happened when the Waja,
carelessly drove from the main road into the right side of the road.
wut make all of the villagers shocked was,
how that car got into the situation?
the driver drive to the right side of the Toyota and crashed hard onto the Perdana.
That Waja was totally damaged. The car's water tank wrecked.

the owner of the Toyota is my neighbour.
he parked the car before the accident occur as it is his normal place to park his car.
but around lunch hour, i could hear a hard bumped from inside my house.
i ran out and found out that the cars had already engaged.
The Waja driver came from the main road and run through a rough road side
and scratching the Toyota's right side front bumper and front light.

to make this situation worst, the driver and my neighbour almost have a fight.
this was cause by misunderstanding n bad tempered attitude from both side.
luckily the police arrived sooner, or else the brawl will never end.

those happened in my howetown which i grew up for 24 years.
i could not believe it..
neither those who r also watching it..


Munirah Abd said...

org tu ada mental prob la...
syian dia..
p bawak hospital mental...

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

erm..i think the reason of those arguing were both are bad tempered and dont think before the act.. msing2 nk tnjuk kehebatan n keangkuhan..

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