Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tagged 2

Once again I've been tagged..
oso by me beloved Munirah Abd..
this time is about FIRST and LAST.

    1. Firstly it was not the FIRST time I've been tagged.. kikikikik.. =p
    2. I still dont have my first real job. but i used to work in petrol station(PETRONAS).
    3. I don really remember when i attended first funeral ceremony.. it was when i was a young boy.. some of it was my great grandparents..
    4. I dont like pet.. i have asthmatic problem.. but i can consider my first pet as a kitten that used to be taken care by my grandparents.. hehehe..
    5. i'm a Muslim so, as a man, i cannot have pierce and tatoo.. so no first time in this situation. Na'uzubillah..
    6. As a student it is not suitable to have credit card.. so maybe my first credit card is after i get a job.. Insyaallah.. but i have other cards.. ATM, Touch N Go, Matrics n etc.
    7. The first time i was born to earth i have my first, second, third n so on kisses.. as a baby, everyone like to kiss me.. am i cute? i dont think so.. sweet maybe.. hahaha..

    1. My last ride on my motorbike is last Saturday.. i went to 7Eleven..
    2. Erm..my last kiss?? erk..as an adult man, it's a bit shy to kiss my parents now.. i cannot remember when i last kiss them.. sowie mak n abah.. other people?? owhh yes.. my kazen Ariel.. last 2week.. hehehe..
    3. Last but not least, i think this might not be the last time i got tagged.. i sure more to come.. Redha with it.. huhuhu..

thats all 4 now.. c u later.. tata..


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