Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008 Germany VS Spain

EURO 2008

Germany VS Spain

which team do u think is the best European Team?
the favourite team of this game is Spain.
can Germany beat the Spanish?

last night, Spain strongly beat Russia 3-0.
this show how eager the team to be crowned as the king..
meanwhile Germany only managed to beat underdog Turkey 3-2.
can this be the turning point to both team?

surely the game will be fantastic..
both teams have several numbers of key players.
Germany's side has players such as Ballack, Klose, Podolski, Schweinsteige n etc
on the other hand, Spanish side has players such as Torres, Sergio Ramos, Fabregas n etc

However, football is still unpredictable..
anything can happen..
both teams has the opportunity to win..
the thing that is important is sportsmanship..
if the game is fair, the match will be more exciting..


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