Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tagged 1

I was tagged by my dearest Munirah Abd
the tag is about "Umur yang saya ingin kembali"
or in other words "which age i would like to reborn"

im not really sure which year.. bcoz i'm not believing in reborn..
but as i think of my past years.. i would like to be 2o years old.
y? dont know the exact reason. mybe bcoz i'm starting to have my freedom..
i can do freely what i want to do..
no more strict restriction from my parents..

even though there are something that i must obey n cannot do,
but it was still not the same from the younger ages of my life..
as my early ages were full of restriction n obligation..

but now, i'm even freely than before..
as i'm away from my hometown..
but i still remembered the things that have been taught earlier..
wut can be done, n wut can't be done..

erm..i will not tagged others..
i would rather think that if i dont like tagged, so do others..
if u still want, anyone can do this tagged..

till we meet again in my next tagged n3.. tata..


Munirah Abd said...

finally..buat gak!! ahahahah
i pun suka umor 20thn!! lalallala

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