Saturday, May 31, 2008

too long story

Last two weeks
it was a fortnight ago.. i went to my MakNgah's house at Jalan Duta..
actually she was hospitalized at Serdang Hospital for about more than two weeks..
she was suspected as Denggi carrier..

and the same week also my grandparents come to KL to visit my MakNgah..
the whole weekend i spend my time at aunty's house with my ka
and everyday we went to visit her day n night at the hospital..
my grandparents n my MakNgah

i also went to my Maksu's house at Cheras..
just a drop by to send my grandparents at her house..
after a quite a long time i didn't c my smallest kazen,
he is not so small after all.. hehehe..
my grandparents with my smallest kazen.. cute x? look like me?

Last week
it was a disappointed week. there's nothing to do..
i cannot online, surfing and chatting..
my streamyx got some prob..
first it was some prob with the line..
and after we went to K.Selangor TM Point,
the prob with the line fixed..
and the second prob appear to come from the modem..
at first we think that the modem broke down.
and after went to Low Yatt, we found that the prob came from the setting..
arrgghhh... what a waste of time..
luckily there still sumtg to buy..
and at the same time, i could survey the price of
i) my new future mobile phone..
ii) munirah's future DSLR camera

This week
after a long time, finally i can edit my blog
n yesterday i went out with my housemates
we went for a movie, "Superhero Movie'
and b4 that we played bowling.. (OU-bad place to play)
other than that, i played badminton with my frens..

n thats what i did all the long way..


Munirah Abd said...

huhuhu nak dslr nak dslr!!!
plzz2x any sponsor!!!!


Munirah Abd said...

eh cop2x kazen look like u!!
xmo xmo..
look like u nanti is anak u ok!!
anak u ngan i..
ahahhaha wahhhh statement xsensor!!


Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

erm..nnt i sponsor skit if ada budget lbey k.. huhu..

wahhh statement brani.. ttg baby tu skang awai lg la kta nk ckp.. klau xjd muka i, mybe jd muka mcm u.. huhu..

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