Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Malaysian Univesity English Test (MUET)

Dear bloggers,

Tomorrow is the day for my MUET. it is my second time taking MUET. last time i got B3. i need to retake the MUET bcoz to graduate in B. Ed. TESL, the requirement of MUET is B4. so, no matter what, it is a must for me to retake it..

However, tomorrow i will be in the 1st session, which is as early as 7.30am, meanwhile my friends will be in the 2nd session, at 11.00am.. i'm all alone.. Erm..Insyallah, this time i'll try my best to score..

To all friends that will take MUET, good luck n all the best.. caiyok2.. let us score 4 MUET..


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