Saturday, November 28, 2009

'oh kome. durian dah berbunge'

Last Wednesday i went to Seberang Perak, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
i went there for a trip to Durian Orchard with my brother and a friend of him..

my family is a big fans of durians.. the King of Fruits
so, if there is a will, there will be a durians..
hehehe..(jauh pn xkesah, jnji dpt mkn)

the orchard belongs to Felcra workers..
my brother had his practicum there a year ago and knew them quite well..
it is so lucky of us that we're invited to the orchard and take some of the durians.

erm..durian Seberang Perak is one of the delicious durian type that have in Malaysia.
the aroma n the colours of the durian flesh is different from other type.. (based on experiences)

other than durians, the workers also gave us some langsat which also taken from the orchard.
believe it or not, they give the fruits for free..
thank you so much for the hospitality that they gave us for the two days of our staying.

(homestay tmpat ktorang dduk scara percuma)

p/s: Insyaallah next year klau ada rezeki ktorang dtg lg. hehehe..

Monday, November 23, 2009


when this n3 publish, most probably i'm driving back to my hometown..
this time, i'm back 4 good..
i'm not staying at klang valley anymore..
it's time 4 me to move on with my life..

as i'm leaving the central area,
i'd like to say thanks to all who have help or work with me..
i'll miss the moment being as a centralian...

to srilite corp members (yg stiasa bsama slama 3thn)
thanks so much.. hope to meet all of u again one day.. (nnt aku dtg la mnumpang lg)
all the history will never be forget..

to all Uniselians n TESLians, wish u all the best with ur incoming days..
i'll miss the great moment 4 years in Bestari Jaya (pekan cowboy)..

not to forget all mymanutd central members,
there will lots of things that i'll miss.
but Insyaallah, i'll try to improve the northern members population..
and try to make the northern side as active as central..
Glory glory Mymanutd!!
(jgn lupa update aku ttg aktiviti, aku akan update utk blog mymanutd)

last but not least, i'll dearly miss my 'kekasih hati' so much..
it'll be a long and painful day till we get a chance to meet again..
(ye la sgt tu, ada pluang sure aku turun KL)
for you my dear, take care n jgn tensen2 sgt dgn keje k..
i'll always be there in ur heart..
love u so much.. (ishh.. jiwang la plak)

goodbye and have a nice day ya'll..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

plagiarize or just accidentally the same

Have u ever watched the old movie act by our Malaysian actor, Mr Os.
this is not the 'durian' story.. (hey kome, durian dah berbunge)

but it is his other movie called 'Adik'(1990).
the story is about a retarded man (Mr Os), staying with his brother (Mustafa Kamal).
the story shows about the elder brother is taking care of his younger brother who has mental problem.

i dont want to get into details about the story,
just need to snap sumting out ur mind to remind u about this story.
so, for those who've seen adn remember the story 'Adik',
they'll notice some similarity in one of Jacky Chan movies.
the movie is known as Heart of dragon (1985)

watch the scene of the story from Heart of dragon and u'll notice the similarity.
carefully compare the story line and the background song..

so, what do u think? did u see or hear or remember anything?

there are more resemblance in both story line.. i've seen the movies..
but the question is, is't ok to plagiarizeor is't just an accidental moment to have the same story line?

p/s: kepada yg xtgk cerita 'adik' ni, mgkin xdpt nk buat penilaian..  maaf sumber video xdpt dcari..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

love across borders


 Love Across Borders

This love story is between a Northern boy and a Central girl. Their story begins as a normal friend. They just knew each other from chat rooms. After SPM, they had lost contact. However, maybe faith brought them back together. A few years later, they get back in touch. They started ‘sms’ing and calling. Then the love strokes them, they finally falling in. Even though they’ve declared their love; they’ve never seen each other. One day, they decided to have their first date after a month coupled. It was a happy and memorable day for both of them. From that dy till now, their loves grows deeper and deeper. After more than 6 years, they are now planning for a step further; not just as lovers, but as a married couple. Only time that matters. Till that time come, both of them are still in long distance love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mini mv - Chelsea vs Manchester United

NOTES : this page, under the labels is now unofficial blog for mymanutd.
from now on, all the contents in the entry will be in Malay language due to agreement made with the management.

Perlawanan terakhir Manchester United adalah bertemu pasukan yang mendahului takhta liga iaitu Chelsea. Perlawanan yang berlansung di Stamfor Bridge itu telah disaksikan oleh sebilangan ahli Mymanutd di tempat yang sememangnya kawasan untuk penyokong-penyokong Manchester United. Tempat yang dimaksudkan adalah di Hartamas Square, Sri Hartamas. Perlawanan tersebut di adakan pada tengah malam Ahad bersamaan 8hb November 2009 (awal pagi Isnin, 9hb November).

Aktiviti ini sememangnya telah biasa dilakukan oleh ahli kelab Mymanutd bagi memberi sokongan jepada pasukan kesayangan iaitu Manchester United. Walaubagaimanapun, ini adalah kali pertama ianya diadakan di Sri Hartamas. Sambutan dari ahli kelab seperti biasa adalah memuaskan terutama sekali perlawanan malam itu merupakan perlawanan penting bagi kedua-dua pasukan gergasi EPL itu.

Hampir 20 orang ahli yang datang pada hari tersebut walaupun keesokan harinya adalah hari bekerja. Bagi aktiviti mini mv (match view), ini adalah sambutan yang boleh di anggap memuaskan. Ianya dimeriahkan lagi dengan penyokong-penyokong lain yang bukan ahli.

Perlawanan tersebut berkesudahan dengan kekalahan pasukan Manchester United, 0-1 kepada Chelsea hasil jaringan John Terry. Jaringan melalui tandukan itu dibuat setelah Chelsea di hadiahkan sepakan percuma di luar kotak penalti. Kekalahan itu juga menyebabkan Manchester United telah jatuh ke tangga ketiga liga. Namun, kekalahan ini bukan bererti tiada lagi harapan. masih banyak lagi perlawanan berbaki yang perlu diharungi dan tidak mustahil untuk Manchester United melakukan keajaiban di saat akhir seperti yang dilakukan pada musim lepas.

Perlawanan seterusnya yang harus diharungi adalah pada 22hb November 2009. Sebagai ahli kelab penyokong Manchester United Malaysia, sokongan akan terus diberikan biar apa jua yang terjadi.

Majulah sukan Mymanutd..
Glory!! Glory!! Manchester United!!

- by aneep (blogmaster)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sesame street

last whole week was the anniversary celebration for sesame street..
i'm sure that everyone know what is sesame street..

what is unique about the whole week was,
the celebration involved a full collaboration with google..
google used the main characters in the sesame streets as the google icon..
the icon changed everyday for the whole week..

below are few of the icons that i managed to save..
they are limited.. so 4 those who are sesame street lovers,
u can take the pictures from here..

POPSCAPE - a team of photographers..

if u all remembered, i've already mention about photography package before this...

this just to introduce the team's new branding name..
the team is now known as POPSCAPE..

this team is a collaboration of 4 photographers..
they are Mr Razif aka Popsovans (team leader),
Mr Zamzury aka Zymm,
Mr Mus aka Muzmusna,
and the only flower in the team,
Cik Munirah aka Muniiera.

to all of you who need to find photographers for ur event, do contact them through their blog..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my friend's wedding - Aisyah Jamaludin

this event was held on 24th October 2009.. mybe a bit outdated..

this wedding is my ex-classmates in UNiSEL. Aisyah Jamaludin..
(during foundation TESL)
now she already found herself a husband..

this wedding ceremony was held at Putrajaya..
i went there with Munirah n Igniz aka ijan..
n at the same time we met Syafiq in the parking lot. (mmg rancang nk jmpa kt situ)

the food is so delicious..
two times ijan n syafiq queuing up to take the food..
(mkn mcm org xpnah dpt mkn)
n their actions were caught by the CCTV.. hahaha.. kantoi..
nothing to be ashamed, mkn free je pn..

thanks to aisyah n her husbang for inviting us..
nnt dah ada anak jgn lupa bgtau kwn2..

p/s: i just want to take this opportunity to wish both bride n groom

'Selamat Pengantin Baru' "Semoga kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat"

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It - MJ's last gift for fans

Last nite i went to watch MJ's documentary movie..
It is a must show for all MJ's fans..
U can feel like u r part of fans in a live concert.

MJ was really a magnificent artist..
he knew what he is doing and what to do next.
there are moment that u can see the perfectionist of his career as King of Pop..
he really understand the music, the lyrics n most important thing, he understand about others..

in other word, he was a down to earth person..
'thank you' n 'God bless you' were his favourite appraisal speech..
there isn't one single shot in the show that u can see he rose his voice to his dancers or crews.
he spoke gently and make everyone comfortable to work with him.

world lost a legend.. a legend in musical industry..
he was a person who can create songs and choreographs his own dance..
he can blend in with the songs as part of his life..
it was a magnificent moment to see his work..
all of his works are masterpiece of all time..

p/s: for those who dont watch this movie yet, visit your nearest cinema n feel it yourself..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

wedding photo package

hi guys, it has been a while..
so lazy to update..

today i'm promoting a wedding photography package..
no, im not the photographer.. mybe not yet.. one day mybe.. hehehe..

im just helping to promote a few packages which have been set up by two photographers..
both of them are Munirah n Razif..
their group is known as
below are the packages they are offering to you..

p/s: it is not just for wedding.. you can also call them if you want to make a party, engagement day and etc.. contact them for more details..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Dear family and friends,

I would like to take this oppoturnity to wish all Muslisms
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

Have a wonderful Hari Raya with family and friends in your hometown..
for those who are driving to their hometown,
drive carefully, it is better to be late then never..
Think of your loved one..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan

i'm now in Perlis, my lovely hometown..

there is nothing much to write..
just want to take this oppoturnity to wish..


in Perlis, since 1st Ramadhan, everyday is a rainy day..
not a single day since i've arrived that u can feel hot.
everyday is a cool and breezy day..

to all Muslims in the world, especially my friends n oso to myself,
make this year's fasting month a better month than the other month..
fill the month with 'ibadah' n 'taqwa' to Allah s.w.t..

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Event : Supporters' Club Cup Futsal Tournament
Venue : Sport Planet Ampang
Date : 8th August 2009

this was part of Mymanutd's futsal teams testing ground..
their aims was not to win but to gain some experience and learn to work as a team.

enjoy some of the pictures taken on that day..

Mymanutd Team A, Coach and Team B

stretch your body

instruct and listen

mymanutd members

the beauties and the beasts

Friday, August 7, 2009


once in a life time.. priceless moment..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i hurt someone's feeling..

Dear Munirah,

I love you so very much,
However, I did things that hurt you;

I am sorry yet again for causing you pain,
that is the last thing I ever wanted to do;

Even when I am trying to do the right thing, I mess up,
I am sorry for that to;

I hope that you still know how much I love and cherish you,
Like nothing else in my life happier than being loved by you;

So I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes,
this sincere apology that comes with love from deep inside too;

I'm so sorry my dear,
I never meant to hurt you..

Sunday, July 26, 2009


this is just to show the greatest power of Allah swt.
He creates all the living creatures in the world.
Allah the almighty.. Creator of the human kind..

look at these two pictures..
both are not the same people neither a twin..
they have nothing in relationship..

Nurul Huda Isma

but wut all of us can see, both of them have similiar look.
even not 100% the same, but i'll sure someone will be confused..

even for the first time when i look at Isma's picture (munirah's photoshoot client),
i am very sure that i've seen her before..
but then i realized she is not the person that i know..
the person i know is nurul huda.. (munirah's friend)

so, this show us that Allah is so Great..
He can create whatever He wants to..
He don't have to create a clone to make someone look the same.

p/s: credit to the pictures owners.. and thanks for the participants in the pictures.. hehe..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy birthday to you

today is her bitrhday..
25th birthday..

for the same reason, last nite i've made a suprised party for her..
with some help from her sisters (angah n alang),
this party went on quite well and really made her shocked..

Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..

MUAHHHH.. :love2:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Special Day

today is a very special day for me.
i'm surely enjoying this whole day becoz of two occasions.

the first occasion is, 17th July is the 6th Anniversary in relationship
with Munirah Abdullah. i'm very happy to be in love with her.
and i'm very much grateful to have her as my sweetheart.

to Munirah Abdullah,
thank you so much my dear
for being part of my life.
i will always love n miss u.
you are such a great and loving person.
you are so sweet and kind.

the other occasion is the arrival of Manchester United in Malaysia.
i'm very excited to and eager to meet them in reality.
if there is a possibility, i want to take some pictures with them

Manchester United, welcome to Malaysia.

enjoy your tour in Malaysia and give us a great deal of football show.
this evening, i'll also watching their training session in Bukit Jalil,
and tomorrow, i'll be watching them playing a friendly match againts our national team.
ALL the best to Manchester United and Malaysian team.

Monday, July 13, 2009

believe it or not

Last Saturday, i went to Sport Planet Subang Grand..
there was a friendly match between Mymanutd vs Harimau
it was part of the activities in welcoming MU vs Malaysia friendly match next week..
lebih kurang mcm pre-match la ni.. hahaha..

the event went on well.. there were two teams playing for both club.
the result based on overall scores won by HMC 17 -8.

HMC ada weekly training
Mymanutd 2mggu skali baru training
it was a great experience for both club.

other than that, there was also an interview session by RTM.
believe it or not, i was there to be among the person being interviewed..
so, if there is a possibility they will put my scene on show,
u'll see my face on TV1.. hahahaha...

below are some pics as prove..

p/s : femes la aku klau msuk rtm.. hahahaha..(khamis - 10.30mlm)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Manchester United Asia Tour 2009

First of all i would like to thanks
Mr Firdaus a.k.a Narutokun
Vice president of
He kindly helped me buying and holding 2 tickets and 2 training passes
since i bought it direct from Mymanutd.

Finally, yesterday afternoon
i took the tickets and passes from
him at Pandan Mewah (in front of Ampang Hospital).

The arrival of the champion will be less than a fortnight.
On the 17th, the players will be training on the pitch
and the pass holder will get to see them live in front of my own eyes.

The next day, Manchester United will play against our country Malaysia.
It will a historical moment.. i'm eager to see them live in the stadium.

Glory-glory Manchester United and Majulah sukan utk Malaysia..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

thank you SKBBKS..

Last week on 26th June 2009 was our last day doing our practicum..
SK Bandar Baru Kuala Selangor had gave all five of us lots of experience.
the Headmaster, the Senior Assistants, all the teachers and all the pupils were really good to us.
we've been treated as we r with our own family
it was a hard moment to leave the school.. but nothing could be done..
it's part of life..

we're very thankful to all SKBBKS' family.. we've learn so much during our 4 months there.
nothing can make us pay what the school have given..
it's priceless.. we're so lucky to be accepted to do the practicum at that school.

Thank you so much.. SKBBKS will always be in our memory..

thanks to all of SKBBKS' family in the pictures
as well as others which are not included in the pictures.
we're very happy serving almost 4 months of our training at SKBBKS.

Me and the Headmaster, Tn Hj. Shamsuri

My friends with Senior Assistants 1 and 2,
Pn Mainah (right) and Pn Zaini (left)

the loving and caring teachers

the handsome n beautiful teachers..

the sweet and obidient pupils..

p/s : special thanks to our Supervisors,
Mdm Pushpananthini(UNISEL) and Pn Maznah Husin (SKBBKS)
for guiding us throughout the practicum training.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

school anthem

school holiday just ended a few days ago..
i have less then 2 weeks b4 my practicum is over.
before the practicum end,
there are some more tasks need to be done..

the newly finished project that we(practicum teachers) contributed to the school was
the school anthem mural.
we're asked to paint musical notes for the school anthem
at the 'house of music' outside wall..

we didn't know anything about music..
so, we just follow from the original text(notasi muzik) given by the teacher.
kalau salah bkn salah kami la kiranye..

this is the result of our hardship,

p/s: nama kena ada.. kenangan abadi..

after this, our last task that need to be completed is redecorating the English Corner..
is it enough to make it done in a week? (sempat ke siap?)
let's wait n see..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cute little doodle

Do u loves kawaii??
For those who love it, i think you should visit this blog

This blog is Munirah's new store..
In this blog, they sell a few types of kawaii pin..
Other than u can wear them with your scarf,
You can keep them as ur private collection.

These are few kawaii pins that are available for u to buy in the store..

Lovely Queen Bee

Magic School Bus

ILOVEU Aisukurimu

Funny French Fries

to see more, do visit the store..

Other than pins, they will also sell some shawl in their store,
So, for those who love to wear shawl, wait 4 a short while..
It will be release soon..
You can take a look and buy one if you like..

For further info, visit