Wednesday, November 18, 2009

plagiarize or just accidentally the same

Have u ever watched the old movie act by our Malaysian actor, Mr Os.
this is not the 'durian' story.. (hey kome, durian dah berbunge)

but it is his other movie called 'Adik'(1990).
the story is about a retarded man (Mr Os), staying with his brother (Mustafa Kamal).
the story shows about the elder brother is taking care of his younger brother who has mental problem.

i dont want to get into details about the story,
just need to snap sumting out ur mind to remind u about this story.
so, for those who've seen adn remember the story 'Adik',
they'll notice some similarity in one of Jacky Chan movies.
the movie is known as Heart of dragon (1985)

watch the scene of the story from Heart of dragon and u'll notice the similarity.
carefully compare the story line and the background song..

so, what do u think? did u see or hear or remember anything?

there are more resemblance in both story line.. i've seen the movies..
but the question is, is't ok to plagiarizeor is't just an accidental moment to have the same story line?

p/s: kepada yg xtgk cerita 'adik' ni, mgkin xdpt nk buat penilaian..  maaf sumber video xdpt dcari..


Syafiq said...

mmg same la...haha.

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

hehe..dlm vid tu bru 1 scene je, ada lg 2 3 scene yg sama gk.. ko google n tgk sdiri..

Healmie a.k.a BuRN said...

ko nampak je ek? hebat tol

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