Saturday, November 28, 2009

'oh kome. durian dah berbunge'

Last Wednesday i went to Seberang Perak, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
i went there for a trip to Durian Orchard with my brother and a friend of him..

my family is a big fans of durians.. the King of Fruits
so, if there is a will, there will be a durians..
hehehe..(jauh pn xkesah, jnji dpt mkn)

the orchard belongs to Felcra workers..
my brother had his practicum there a year ago and knew them quite well..
it is so lucky of us that we're invited to the orchard and take some of the durians.

erm..durian Seberang Perak is one of the delicious durian type that have in Malaysia.
the aroma n the colours of the durian flesh is different from other type.. (based on experiences)

other than durians, the workers also gave us some langsat which also taken from the orchard.
believe it or not, they give the fruits for free..
thank you so much for the hospitality that they gave us for the two days of our staying.

(homestay tmpat ktorang dduk scara percuma)

p/s: Insyaallah next year klau ada rezeki ktorang dtg lg. hehehe..


Munirah Abd said...

aha next year bring me along ok..
xpun kan..kita honeymoon kat sini laaa..hahah makan durian sampai sentak..lalalla

Healmie a.k.a BuRN said...

Amboi...honeymoon ye? Kalu dh makan durian mana nak honeymoon, badan dh panas semacam t. Jgn mare ye abg hanip :-)

misz wana said...

wah beshnye mkn durian...
yummy yummy...

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