Monday, November 23, 2009


when this n3 publish, most probably i'm driving back to my hometown..
this time, i'm back 4 good..
i'm not staying at klang valley anymore..
it's time 4 me to move on with my life..

as i'm leaving the central area,
i'd like to say thanks to all who have help or work with me..
i'll miss the moment being as a centralian...

to srilite corp members (yg stiasa bsama slama 3thn)
thanks so much.. hope to meet all of u again one day.. (nnt aku dtg la mnumpang lg)
all the history will never be forget..

to all Uniselians n TESLians, wish u all the best with ur incoming days..
i'll miss the great moment 4 years in Bestari Jaya (pekan cowboy)..

not to forget all mymanutd central members,
there will lots of things that i'll miss.
but Insyaallah, i'll try to improve the northern members population..
and try to make the northern side as active as central..
Glory glory Mymanutd!!
(jgn lupa update aku ttg aktiviti, aku akan update utk blog mymanutd)

last but not least, i'll dearly miss my 'kekasih hati' so much..
it'll be a long and painful day till we get a chance to meet again..
(ye la sgt tu, ada pluang sure aku turun KL)
for you my dear, take care n jgn tensen2 sgt dgn keje k..
i'll always be there in ur heart..
love u so much.. (ishh.. jiwang la plak)

goodbye and have a nice day ya'll..


smiley said...

To kak Mun...kalo tense...sila layari entry ini yer...semoga dpt membantu kurgkan tense kak Mun..hehe

Munirah Abd said...

bye babe
love u babe

next time dtg bawak rombongan k..hahahha

Healmie a.k.a BuRN said...

haha aku gelak je baca entri ko. smoga slamat tiba. hati2 lopak air.

razifmustapha said...

aneep cool dowh

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