Sunday, September 30, 2007

My New Shoes. Is the shoes red/maroon or pink/purple??

Hi bloggers.. how r u??
Today i'm so tired. I just came back from my maksu's house. I'm not so lucky since this morning. I woke up late for my sahur. 5 minutes before azan Subuh. huhuhu.. i didn't have enough time even to finish a glass of water. So sad.. huhuhu..
Before i came back, my aunty went to The Mines. She just want to have a window shopping n to buy some groceries. And for me, it's time to buy something for Hari Raya. I bought a shirt and a pair of shoes. How unlucky i was because the shoes that i want to buy earlier was out of size. So dissapointed.. So, i went to another shop.. and i bought a pair of shoes that was not so preferable by munirah's opinion. She said the colour is black+pink/purple and not suitable for me. But the real colour is black+red/maroon. What do u think?
Erm..since i've bought it, so i've to wear it. Huhuhu.. and if it's necessary, i'll think of buying a new one that suit her taste. :-P

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's the best?? It's me..

Hola dear bloggers..
It has been a while since i send a post. I'm too bz with my asignment and presentation.
There were aslo lot of replacement classes in the last few days. Those class were replaced becoz we want extra holidays for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. huhu :)
But in between the tension and stress i managed to spend a time where my housmates and me went for bowling games. It was last Friday, 21/09/2007, where we all went to Midvalley. We went there after Friday prayer. It was so tired bcoz the hot day during fasting time but we're enjoying the game till it alsmost the time to break the fast. The game was so thrilled and excited as the scores were all on average. i won all the three games which one of them I managed to made a turkey(3 strikes in a row) hahahaha.. ;p
After finishing our meals at KFC, we all went back to Bestari Jaya.

Monday, September 17, 2007

So tired and exhausted..

Dear frens,
I just came back from my hometown yesterday evening. It was a long journey. All the way long it was raining so heavily. Cars were moving slolwy. I reached my house in Bestari Jaya araound 6pm.
Today, I got fever. I'm so tired, but i'm still fasting becoz it's a waste if I eat at this time. Less than 3hours. So i better wait n b patient. when the time comes, i'll take my medicine.
Ok frens, i want to take some rest 4 a while. Till we meet again in my next post.
Bubye... -End-

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm going home tonight..

Dear Bloggers,

How r u today? i'm very hepi.. i'm going back to my hometown tonite. I can eat my fav food. hehehe.. i dont know what my mom will cook, but it'll be very tasty definitely.. to my sweetheart, dont angry wif me k.. just 1 day. huhu..

Eventhough i'm hepi to go back to see my parents but deeply in my heart i'm very dissapointed. My PTPTN loan can only be received after raya.. isk..isk..isk.. cannot buy anything yet. cannot even pay my fees. And cannot go out shopping new clothes. uwawaaa.. :'(

So sad.. but yet i'm hepi.. it teach me to be more patient espcially in Ramadhan. :)

I think dats 4 now coz i want to get my things prepared 4 a long journey in a train. till we met again k.. astalavista bebeh..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First day of Ramadhan..

Hi bloggers!! having a nice day so far? For me, yes.. i'm enjoying the first day of fasting. how about u all? I think today is not as hot day as previous days. Hopefully this will last till end of Ramadhan. All day long it was cloudy. hehehe.. :) Best and tireless...
Tmorrow will be 2nd day of fasting, and i think not much diffrences will occur. The only thing that makes me feel hepi is tmrrow night i'll be going home to my village.. almost 2month.. and the reason i'm going home is to sign the agreement for PTPTN loan.. :p i'm going to get money.. i want to pay the fees.. buy new pc.. and not to forget, i want to spend some amount wif my lovely honey..
my dear munirah, love n miss u so much.. muakkhhssss.. :*
i think thats 4 now.. i got some work to do. tata..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan..

Hi there friends.. nice to meet u all and enjoy my new blog. This is my first time posting using blogspot. Recently I was blogging using blogdrive. First of all, i want to wish all Muslims happy fasting month. May this Ramadhan fill with good deed and blessing all the time. And to others, may ur day be the most wonderful and enjoyable all the time.
Actually i dont have any idea wut to write. I'm feeling a lil' bit dizzy rite now. I think my migrain is going to strike. Therefore, till we meet again in my next post. I want to take some medicine and sleep. Tata 4 now. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz.............