Sunday, September 30, 2007

My New Shoes. Is the shoes red/maroon or pink/purple??

Hi bloggers.. how r u??
Today i'm so tired. I just came back from my maksu's house. I'm not so lucky since this morning. I woke up late for my sahur. 5 minutes before azan Subuh. huhuhu.. i didn't have enough time even to finish a glass of water. So sad.. huhuhu..
Before i came back, my aunty went to The Mines. She just want to have a window shopping n to buy some groceries. And for me, it's time to buy something for Hari Raya. I bought a shirt and a pair of shoes. How unlucky i was because the shoes that i want to buy earlier was out of size. So dissapointed.. So, i went to another shop.. and i bought a pair of shoes that was not so preferable by munirah's opinion. She said the colour is black+pink/purple and not suitable for me. But the real colour is black+red/maroon. What do u think?
Erm..since i've bought it, so i've to wear it. Huhuhu.. and if it's necessary, i'll think of buying a new one that suit her taste. :-P


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