Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Special Ticket for me..??

Dear frens,

What a day it has been so far.. Today i got two boring classes. Both r da same subject n we're having group presentations. My group have done with da presentataion, so now we have to watch others presenting. That when are the most boring and sleepy time during the classes.

I've just finished da 1st class at 12noon just now, later at 2pm it will b da next class. However, on the way back from the class, i was stopped by police traffics. So sadly, i dont wear seatbelt, and the best part was, i was given a ticket. A compound ticket. Huhuhu.. so unlucky, but it was my own fault. I must pay it b4 28 November 2007. But i dont think it would b a problem, bcoz i got my 'duit raya' n insyaallah i'll also get my ptptn. At that time, i'll pay the compound. Huhuhu..


moonSTAR said...

huhu adan te..xoxox..len kali pakai seat belt..tu lah malas nak pakai lagie..apa daaaaaaaa

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