Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm in Keramat..

Dear bloggers,
Today i'm staying a nite at my bestfwen's (irwan) house in Keramat. It has been a while since i've met him. Just a few hours ago, i went for a bowling game and watched a movie with him. We watched "i know pronounce u Chuck And Larry". It was a funny story(about gay life) and based on frenship. I think u shud watch it to understand the story and laugh at it. by the way, i lost the bowling game to Irwan. maybe I'm not so lucky this time. Next time we play again k. hehehe..
It's now almost 4a.m but i stil dont fall asleep eventhough this afternun i'm going to meet my sweety, Munirah. I really miss her so much. Irwan will also accompany us. He will be meeting munirah for the first time face to face. Before this both of them just know stories about each other. Huhuhu.. It's time for u my dear to meet my bestfren. b4 this it's me whoo met urs. :P

p/s: irwan, so sorry i took ur picture wifout ur permission 1st. by that time u've already slept. i thin u r dreaming of angles. huhuhu..


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