Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big… Big… Relief!!!

Dear bloggers,

How r u my frens? It has been a while since I sent a post. I’m very sorry if I make all of u worry. As if u care more about me. Hehehe... I’m too busy doing my assignments. Since before Raya, there are a lot of assignments needed to be finished. A week before and after Raya holiday, I struggled myself in finishing the assignments.

Finally, I managed to finish most of the assignments. It needed a hard and extra effort doing all the assignments. I proudly thanks all my heroic frens who struggled together with me to ‘save the world’ (nonsense) and finishing all the group assignments. TESLian forever…

Now, I can have some rest after a tired month and finish two more assignments, one presentation, tests, and get ready for my final exam. My final exam started on the 13th November 2007 and end on the 21st November 2007.

Regarding to the final exam, I would like to wish all UNiSEL students, especially TESLians a very good luck and best wishes on ur exam. But, don’t u forget to settle all the debt and pay the tuition fees before exam or u’ll be barred from exam.

The Star, reported that UNiSEL’s management is using the motto, “NO MONEY NO TALK”. Therefore, u better settle it as soon as possible. If they still don’t do their job, it’s time for u to make them talk. Use the mass media as ur representative to make urself as student notice. Huhuhu.. but 1st of all, think before u do it.

That’s all 4 now, till we meet again. Adiosss amigosss….


Munirah said...

xoxox..u dah abis bayar utang ker??
Gud luck mi dear..
Nanti post kena ajar anjing key.. xoxoxo

Sir Hanif said...

utang not yet pay. huhu.. blum ada masa tluang lg nk p bayar. Mybe this morning after subuh i kuar line up. huhuhu.. org ramai sgt nk kena tggu turn. dont worry, i akan bayar a.s.a.p.

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