Thursday, September 13, 2007

First day of Ramadhan..

Hi bloggers!! having a nice day so far? For me, yes.. i'm enjoying the first day of fasting. how about u all? I think today is not as hot day as previous days. Hopefully this will last till end of Ramadhan. All day long it was cloudy. hehehe.. :) Best and tireless...
Tmorrow will be 2nd day of fasting, and i think not much diffrences will occur. The only thing that makes me feel hepi is tmrrow night i'll be going home to my village.. almost 2month.. and the reason i'm going home is to sign the agreement for PTPTN loan.. :p i'm going to get money.. i want to pay the fees.. buy new pc.. and not to forget, i want to spend some amount wif my lovely honey..
my dear munirah, love n miss u so much.. muakkhhssss.. :*
i think thats 4 now.. i got some work to do. tata..


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