Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm going home tonight..

Dear Bloggers,

How r u today? i'm very hepi.. i'm going back to my hometown tonite. I can eat my fav food. hehehe.. i dont know what my mom will cook, but it'll be very tasty definitely.. to my sweetheart, dont angry wif me k.. just 1 day. huhu..

Eventhough i'm hepi to go back to see my parents but deeply in my heart i'm very dissapointed. My PTPTN loan can only be received after raya.. isk..isk..isk.. cannot buy anything yet. cannot even pay my fees. And cannot go out shopping new clothes. uwawaaa.. :'(

So sad.. but yet i'm hepi.. it teach me to be more patient espcially in Ramadhan. :)

I think dats 4 now coz i want to get my things prepared 4 a long journey in a train. till we met again k.. astalavista bebeh..


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