Thursday, June 18, 2009

school anthem

school holiday just ended a few days ago..
i have less then 2 weeks b4 my practicum is over.
before the practicum end,
there are some more tasks need to be done..

the newly finished project that we(practicum teachers) contributed to the school was
the school anthem mural.
we're asked to paint musical notes for the school anthem
at the 'house of music' outside wall..

we didn't know anything about music..
so, we just follow from the original text(notasi muzik) given by the teacher.
kalau salah bkn salah kami la kiranye..

this is the result of our hardship,

p/s: nama kena ada.. kenangan abadi..

after this, our last task that need to be completed is redecorating the English Corner..
is it enough to make it done in a week? (sempat ke siap?)
let's wait n see..


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