Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It - MJ's last gift for fans

Last nite i went to watch MJ's documentary movie..
It is a must show for all MJ's fans..
U can feel like u r part of fans in a live concert.

MJ was really a magnificent artist..
he knew what he is doing and what to do next.
there are moment that u can see the perfectionist of his career as King of Pop..
he really understand the music, the lyrics n most important thing, he understand about others..

in other word, he was a down to earth person..
'thank you' n 'God bless you' were his favourite appraisal speech..
there isn't one single shot in the show that u can see he rose his voice to his dancers or crews.
he spoke gently and make everyone comfortable to work with him.

world lost a legend.. a legend in musical industry..
he was a person who can create songs and choreographs his own dance..
he can blend in with the songs as part of his life..
it was a magnificent moment to see his work..
all of his works are masterpiece of all time..

p/s: for those who dont watch this movie yet, visit your nearest cinema n feel it yourself..


Munirah Abd said...

i miss him.. T_____T

LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

tgk online je bley???..malas laks nak p wayang...

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

@munirah erm.. everyone can only miss him now..
@lonerangerspeak if u r a die hard fan, mgkin sggup g wayang.. online mana nk ada.. but klau yg bbayar xtau la..

Anonymous said...

yup.. he has everything.. going for his movie tomorrow and until it finishes... giler kan?!!
he rocks my world... losing him has lost everything...

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