Tuesday, May 13, 2008


have u ever seen a ghost?
have u ever seen a possessed woman?


it was not a ghost, but i have witnessed it with my own eyes
a girl being possessed by an evil spirit..
it was a scary n shocking experience as i was there to calm the girl..
it happen last nite..

the girl is my housemate girlfriend..
it happen when me n ilyas went out to buy something at 7Eleven..
when we reached in front of our house,
we saw my friends are holding the girl(being possessed) as she was struggling to escape..
i then get out from the car, and approach them to look what is really happening..
at first we think that they are joking in the car with my other friend..
but when i went near the car, someone shout and said,
"wei, cpat tolong, awek adha kna rasuk."

as i came near to the girl, it was a bit frightening moment as my hair tend to stand up..
(seram sjuk gak laa..)
with all the help form others, we hold the girl and try to calm her down..
we recite Doa, n Azan to scare the spirit away..
but nothing really happen..
the environment becoming more astonishing as the spirit is shouting n screaming..
maybe afraid of the "Kalimah Allah".
then one of the neighbours came n try some help to calm her down..
but he also cannot do nothing..

a few minutes later, he called his friends(ustaz) for some help..
his friends know how to handle case like that..
in 10-15minutes time, they arrived..
we then give some ways to both ustaz to handle it..
about 45 minutes, the spirit finally removed from the girl's body..
however, it was not the end of it..
the spirit came again n try to get back into the girl's body..
Luckily, the ustaz was still there n was able to get rid or the spirit..

they then escort my friend to send his girlfriend home..
on the way, the girl said that she can feel that the spirit is following..
the spirit bring partners together..
but they cannot attack bcoz the ustazs was also in the car..

after they left for to send the girl home, we get in and take a shower..
and also pray for guidance..
Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened after that..
everything come back to normal..


Munirah Abd said...

alar seram la konon...
exoeriance ni dah penah berlaku kat sekolah i dulu..
ada yg buat-buat..ada yg betul..
tp i xinvolve benda ni smua..
hal org lantak lah buat apa nak involve..nak menyibuk!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

erm..hal org mmg la kta xperlu mnyibuk.. tp msalahnye skang ni dah jd dpn umah.. so apa2 pn kna tlg stkat yg mampu.. xslah nk tlg org dlm ksusahan.. nnt klau kta ssah org plak tlg kita.. insyaallah..
klau nk ckp buat2 tu rasanye x, sbb i've seen it myself.. mmg benda tu sgt kuat.. 4 5 org laki pgg pn still lg kuat meronta2 bdk pmpuan tu.. na'uzubillah.. hrap pasni xde apa2 la..

en_me said...

weiii, memang seram..

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