Friday, June 13, 2008


i'm very upset with the facilities in UNiSEL..
can u imagine a badminton hall with lights problem?

this problem has become a serius matter as the only place that students are allowed to play badminton at anytime they like.

there is another hall to play, but need permission from JANA NIAGA.
JANA NIAGA is the authorities that in charge of building UNiSEL.
UNiSEL management is still owing some amount of money.
therefore JANA NIAGA has the power to control something..

back to the real prob..
the lights prob in IPIS badminton hall..
IPIS is Sport Center for students.
the lights used in the hall are spotlights.
when the heat is to high, the bulps will blow off and make the hall dark.

when this happened, the cost of repairing the lights took almoust thousands ringgit.
moreover, these kind of lights are also not suitable for badminton hall.
this is because, the lights will disturb the eyesight if the player accidently look up straight to the lights.

the prob did not end only from the lights..
there is also another prob related to the hall..
the doors and windows allow the sun light come direct into the hall.
the used of sliding doors and untinted windows are not suitable..
sun light also disturbs the sight of the player during the game..

the UNiSEL's management need to do something about this..
they shud change the lights to lot of normal house lights which normally used in other badminton halls..
at the same time, they must do sumtg about the doors n windows..
either tinted them or change them all..

this prob will end if management really do their job..
as a students, we r customers..
n as customers, we're alwys rite at anytime...


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