Thursday, June 5, 2008

better or worst?

everybody in our country want the better not the worst for life
hate to admit it.. BUT
wut everybody has expecting n dont really want it to happen
has now became reality..
petrol price increased again 40%..
now it become RM2.70 per litre..
who to blame?

is it really about global economic prob or personal greediness?
wut will happen to the low economic status community?
wut hapen to our petroleum industry?
wut happen to all the profit gain by PETRONAS?
since the announcement have been made by the government,
all the petrol stations in our country packed with cars..
everbody rushed to fill up their petrol tank..
to make it worst, road starting to jam..
some start to sound their honks to show protest and anger..
n the road look like a long way of journey on a highway..
but the reality is, everybody want to buy petrol..

wut will happen next?
more increasing definitely.. price of food n groceries will also increase..
this is the effect of greediness..
everyone will try to find a way to get profit..

when this will stop?
think about it..
something must be done..
but wut can we do?
is there somebody which can tell us wut we can do?

i hate this situation..
i do believe others also hate it..
dont be shy to admit it..



Munirah Abd said...

nak wat camna..
dah nak increase..
terima je lah...huhuhuh

dina said...

sebab penyakit adalah perut, mcm tu la gak ngan harga barang naik. penyebab nye adalah MINYAK. klu kite angguk je ngan semua benda yg dibuat tnpe pikir kn akibat nye baik x payah ade demokrasi,pembangkang semua. ikut je la kate pemimpin kite yg maha 'bijaksana' tu. sebenar nye kes minyak naik ni adalah salah satu cara 'korek lubang utk tutup lubang'. x tau la diorg nk tutup lobang ape kn tp yg pasti mangsa nya adelah kite RAKYAT MALAYSIA ni yg terlalu 'sayangkan' pemerintah kite nih. pasni klu harga moto ngan beskal naik jgn terkejut lak hehehehe...

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

munirah :
yes, i agree with u my dear. everyone must accept this situation.. but 4 how long? there are rumors saying that there will be another increasing in August.. maybe it will reach RM4.. wut will hapen then?

dina :
r u sure they r digging holes to cover another holes? or r they digging their own graveyard? if people angry, the will unite n revenge.. i think that wut will happen one day in our country.. strikes all over the country..

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