Friday, June 20, 2008

History Made

UNISEL's students on Strike!!!

today was a very historical day of all day studying at UNISEL..
for the first time in history..there was a strike this morning at UNISEL's chancellery building.
this building is the UNISEL's management building
which includes the HEA, HEP, n oso treasurer..
it started from 4a.m, when many students gathered at the building
to get numbers for payment process.
all the students start to camp in the building area bcoz the system used by the management was unsystematic..
all students start to came as early as 4-5am few days b4 as the numbers always finished as soon as the counter open n the line was too long..
to make it worst, the treasurer department is very strict about the payment.
if the students did not make the payment, there will be no exam slip.
as a result, students starting to attack the treasurer department.
day after day, the problem did not end.
students start to feel disappointed and angry..
they started to use body language rather than spoken..
if they speak, the words also did not sound good..
and finally it become a serious prob..
n a history was made in UNISEL..
so, in this situation, who must be blame?
students or management?

have a look at this n then give ur conclusion!!

p/s : thanks 4 the sources given by sri light corp personnel..


Anonymous said...

mangsa toceng: sadly to say, management unisel mmg mcm btaraf antrabangsa ke-sialan-nya. x systematic lgsg. sum of the bdk2 plak suka byr last minute. so who is to be blamed?

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

everybody who've been involved are wrong rite now.. the students who like to postpone n management who manage unsystematically.. both need to change.. same goes to both, if u want others to change, make sure u've changed urself 1st..

Munirah Abd said...

anonymous::2x kena di persalahkan..
1st management tu xde sistem ke wei..kalau xde meh aku buatkan..lallala..
2nd..student ni pun satu..dah dpt ptptn xngeti2x nak p bayor!!!

so kesimpulannya..nak sng..ptptn masuk je management terus potong from student acc..kan sonang!! huh..benda senang pun payah nak pk ker??

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

my dear munirah,
"mmg la PTPTN trus ptong utk yuran".. but our PTPTN loan only being given in long semester (1+2).. this semester is short semester.. no PTPTN.. "duit sdiri".. thats y this situation happened..
about the management i agree with u.. their system suck.. i think u shud do it 4 them my dear..

Syam said...

wow! student strike tu. salute! mmg gempak ah korang


syam @

SYIRA said...

wahh.. bebetol merusuh nih!! huhuhu~

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