Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey you, don't make my inbox full with nonsense msg!!!

Dear mobile phone users,

To those who think that they are one of those who sent all the nonsense SMS, plz read this..
I'm very honored to get msgs from all of u, but dont send somthing which are useless just bcoz u want finished the free msgs..

b4 this u dare to take risks of applying for free msgs, so plzz bear with it.. dont make others suffered headache because of ur incoming stupid msgs. plzz think 4 others right.. sumtimes all the privacy that they need vanished just becoz of ur stupid msgs.. or 4 those who used old model of hp, maybe their hp inbox could not accept all the crazy things u sent and they have to delete all the msgs just bcoz u make their hp inbox were full.

once again, i know money is important, but dont u think frenship is more important..? if u sent the useless msgs, sumone will get angry and mad at u.. n it will effect ur frenship.. plz, i oso applied 4 the free msgs system, but i dont do like some of u. i think of others. i dont want others to feel irritate like i felt now.. too many msgs, but all are selfish msgs.. STOP IT PLZZZZ!!! IT IS ANNOYING!!!


Munirah Abd said... fwens oso have same problem wif u!! bangun2x dpt 9 msg yg useless!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

i oso bgn pg msg dah breaur pnjang.. tensen tul.. gngguan plak tu.. nk tdo dgnggu, time nk mkn pn asyk bunyi, nk p toilet pn bunyi.. if buat xtau nnt tkut syg anta msg xblas plak.. huhu..geram btul i..

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