Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ye ye.. Last paper... then holiday..

Dear bloggers,

Finally the final examination has come to the end.. Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, it's my last paper 4 this semester.. the subject 4 tomorrow's paper is 'Teaching Technique & Classroom Management.

After 3weeks of hard work(was it really hard?), i can feel the excitement of the holiday which is approaching.. however, the holiday is not a long holiday after all.. too short this sem coz our paper end a lil bit late.. but at least i still can go home to my hometown n spend time with my family.. it has been a while since i went home(last general election).

To all frens, Happy Holiday.. enjoy ur holiday together with family, frens n love one.. hope 2 c u all next sem..


wannie_annie said...

Yeeehaaaw.....!!!! Finally the final papers had ended and I felt a bit happy and clearly sad because for paper Mr Siva, I accidentally left one last question at the back...huhu
While for today's paper, I juz dont know what i juz did...Only that I know the points but I can't elaborate them...what a waste..
This is the worst semester that I had to deal with my LAZY-NESS! Can you believe it? I had to force myself to study, and then what? Nothing is on my mind,,,

Phewww...i hope I won't flunk any of the subjects that we have taken this semester...

Anyways...I wish everyone a happy holiday and come back safely the next semester. And I'm gonna bring something else...a surprise for the whole class...!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

we've did the best.. let us pray now.. suprise? wut is it? husband? huhuhuhu.. just joking.. :-)

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