Sunday, September 21, 2008


It has been a while since my last post.. i'm quite bz rite now..
there are lot of assignment and presentation need to be done..

today i'm going to talk about tonite football match between Chelsea vs Manchester United.

will this match become the crucial match or is it just another boring match like the match between Liverpool vs Manchester United the other day?

every united fans highly hope that their fav team will wake up from their dreams and honeymoon.
as the holding champion, united must rebuilt their confident n strength.
tonite game will be the starting point towards their goal..
the starting point towards united winning style..

with the right strategy n n cooperation among the team members,
united sure will come back.
now, the comeback of the key players,

Cristiano Ronaldo,
will surely make the difference in their line up and strategies.

Park Ji Sung also available in the game.
his hardworking attitude will make the opponent team restless.
both Ronaldo n Park will be the men in the wing side
which migt produce some good assist ball to the strikers.

the combination of the three strikers,

Wayne Rooney,

Carloz Tevez,

n newly sign Dimitar Berbatov,
will give the attacking power for the team..

Sir Alex Ferguson must have prepared the best ingredients for tonite game.
hope the game will end with positive result for United.

and hopefully the game will entertain all the viewers, especially
manchester united fans.

together we unite, together we support, and together we will be


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