Saturday, September 27, 2008

With Her

Yesterday was a really happy moment for me..
i went out wif my sweetheart, Munirah..
it was the first time for both of us to break fast together since our first met.

we went for our dinner at Little Penang Cafe at KLCC..
we made reservation at 8pm..
the food was not so bad..
and the price also not expenxive..

My meal set

rice+meat rendang+kerabu+chicken

milo + ice?? wut happened?

Her meal set

rice+chicken+'sambal petai'+kerabu

ice barli

we met after office hour.
but before we went to the cafe,

we went to Ampang Park to search for some 'kueh raya'.
however, we cannot find any bcoz the price are quite expensive.

around 6.30pm we walked at the KLCC park till the 'azan' Maghrib..
both of us 'break fast' with some water and bread in front of the KLCC mosque..
after the Maghrib Prayer, we walked to the cafe..

after we had our dinner, we went for some shopping..
she bought me a pair of t-shirt..

thank you my dear for the Hari Raya T-shirt... hehe..
i really like it..
n i'm happy spending time with you..


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