Sunday, September 7, 2008

meal of the day..

today is 7th Ramadhan 1429H..
and it was the 7th day of the fasting month..

today i took my sahur with fried rice add with eggs.
i couldn't sleep, therefore at 4.30am went to the kitchen n cooked the rice.
not bad for a plain fried rice..

my favourite drink, milo

n just now, for the breaking fast meal,
once again i ate fried rice..
this time not just plain rice but added with some ingredients such as
sausage, 'ikan bilis', fish cakes n eggs..

mix fried rice.. ooppss.. no veggy:mockery:

the meal was prepared with all the help from my housemates..
prof, syahir, iwan, ilyas n kud..
n there is one sleeping partner, comot.. hehe..

uikss.. who is going to clean the dishes?? @ketuk

alhamdulillah, the rice is enough for everybody..
n all the empty stomach are full again..


Munirah Abd said...

y u xtido??

sedap nasi goreng!!

nnti masakkan utk i k!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

uikss.. dah xleh tdo sbb dah kul4 lbey.. so apa lg.. msak la.. huhu.. nk? nnt ek..

syira said...

hehe..munnienyer nasi goreng kaler2x.. ko nyer nasik goreng nape satu kaler jea? huhu.. apepon, aku tgk cam sedap laa nasik goreng tuh.

Mahirah Abd said...

peh sdp nyer ns...lapo lak la kn la yer....hihihihi

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

@syira : munnie msk bnyk kaler sbb dia ltak bhn2 yg bwarna spt sayuran(ijo), ketam(merah) dll.. aku just letak sosej, fishcake.. kaler smua lbey kurang je dgn nsi.. hehe.. tp xdnafikan la, mmg sdap.. licin kuali tu..

@angah : nk post? smntara nk smpai, nasi tu dah basi..

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