Sunday, December 21, 2008


after so many years, i'm now reunite with my old badminton partner..
since our last debut during school time, we're going to be double partner again..
in a badminton tournament this 23rd December 2008..

'kikikik.. gambar masa zaman sekolah.. beza x?'

we're playing in 'Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup Perlis 2008'..
we're participating in the men's double novis category..
this category is 4 those who are not a state player or never become a champion yet..
(kami X hebat so kna la msuk novis)

it is just to get some experience and enjoy the sport that we really love,
we decided to join the tournament..

at the same time, the schedule also suite me so well...
as i'm now still in holidays..
so, this is the rite moment to make a comeback.. hehehe...

other than me, my other badminton teammates also participating..

there are one pair in the same category, men's double novis; hilmy/syam,
n two pairs in women's double category; ita/kak ayu n kak farah/kak ani

we dont excpect to win.. but we'll try to give a big fight.. insyaallah..
'lawan tetap lawan'


n a d i a said...

gud luck ek!

xmenang pn xpe janji puas..kihkih!

Munirah Abd said...

gud luck b...

mmmuahhhhhhhhhhh :*

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

thanks.. i'll do my best.. huhu..

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