Saturday, November 22, 2008

wet or dry?

wut do u prefer? wet kitchen or dry kitchen??
for some purposes, both are important,
but it just 4 those who really can afford to have both..

there are few pics on kitchens which was taken by myself..
it was taken at an apartment situated in KL
which i cannot mention the name either in this n3 or other entries..

place : sumone's apartment
(cannot mention name)

theme : kitchen

this is the dry kitchen.

above : u can see the fridge, washing bowl to wash ur hand and a corner for some tea..

below : u can also have the microwave to heat up ur food..

meanwhile for the wet kitchen, it is normally situated at the back of the dry kitchen.
u can make all the heavier tasks such as
washing dishes, cooking, and washing clothes.
this is o prevent the smell to get into the main area of the house..

this is just a piece of my experience which i want to share with all of u..
if u dont like it, just ignore it.. i dont mind.. hehehe..


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