Tuesday, November 18, 2008

exam schedule

this exam schedule is specifically for B. Ed. TESL 07(D)
and some of the subjects might be the same as taken by other TESL 07's groups..
so, hope this will help you to remind urselves about ur exam..

material selection and adaptation
24 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Blue Hall (PKP)

teaching of reading
25 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Blue Hall (PKP)

ESL testing and evaluation
26 November 2008 - 9.00am
Main Hall

educational administration
29 November 2008 - 9.00am
Main Hall

teaching of ESP
30 November 2008 - 2.30pm
Main Hall

educational research methodology
5 December 2008 - 2.30pm
Main Hall

to all UNISEL's students..
i would like to wish

p/s : some of the subjects name might be incorrect.. make sure you check the exam slip..


Munirah Abd said...

gud luck b..
all the best.i sayang u ok!!!
buat utk masa depan kita ye...

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