Monday, November 3, 2008

Friendship brought all of us together..

this n3 might be a lil' bit late..
but i would like to share the joy of my class event last Friday..
not all classmates were invited..
some of them supposed to have other commitment to do..

Special card to all classmates.. given by SRILITE CORP. (me n my fellow housemates)
Credited to ilyas 4 the nice drawing, usin 4 the outline n me 4 other decoration part. hehehe...

however even it's not full participation, but it is still a memorable event..
it can officially remembered as
'open house-Hari Raya & Deepavali TESL 07(D)'..
or can also be said as, " 'Friendship brought all of us together' Day "..
(i just made it up actually)

there are a lot of foods brought n bought by everyone..
some were self cook n some were specially ordered 4 the occasion..
on behalf of all the classmates, i would like to thanks all of u who had attended
and give full participation..

nasi lemak n sandwiches are some of the menu..

more foods to be eaten..

various kind of drinks

all the guests' autographs..

maybe there will be another event in the future,
n maybe once again ur help n participation might be wanted..
below are some of the pictures taken..

p/s : pictures in this n3 might be limited..
if any of u want more, give me ur pendrive..


Lonely Paul said...


Munirah Abd said...

i nampak kek gulung u!!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

wahh..u tau ek?? bgus2.. nnt next time i buat utk u plak k..

~Mr.GoLdZa~ said...

kek gulung anip??
hbat kek 2..
msti kek 2 bsar kn??
blh gulung anip..
huhuhu(glak tkt2 kna bola drop)

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