Friday, October 31, 2008

the award goes to..

actually i've nothing to write..
but just want to share a funny story..
this morning as i woke up, someone ask me 4 some help in moving out his broken bed.

one more time, he did it again..
for more than 3times...
and today he broke his own bed..
and this make him the most bed breaker of the srilite corp.(our house)

and 4 the same reason, i award him the most bed breaker of 2008..
hehehe.. the person is my rummate..
n now, both of us sleeping only on the floor..
"dah sama taraf dah tdo atas tilam je"


SYIRA said...

Hahaha..lawak! Misti sume org tgh congak bape laa berat badan rumet ko tuh eh?? Huhu~

Munirah Abd said...

hahaha..yg pasti lagi ringan dari hanif..
hiksss..hampon b!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

huhuhu.. yup dats rite.. but ok la, i just once broke my own bed.. as for my rummate dah more than twice.. hehehe..

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